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You know there is a problem in left land when NPR turns against their narrative.

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What prescriptions are all school shooters using?

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Whoa dude no one wants to talk about ssris. No connection there whatsoever.

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Oops.I'm gonna get fucked for this one.

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Even some shootings that did happen at schools are not school shootings per se.

Case in point, in my town a drug deal amongst three teenagers went bad, and one shot the other two. No one died and the shooter was eventually arrested.

The shooting happened on school property, in the summer, during an event that was not school-related, and all three people involved were not students of that school.

However, that was classified as a school shooting. I know a member of the school board and she was pissed. But that's how desperate the gun control nuts are. You could shoot a nerf gun across the street from a school and if the foam bullet landed on the school lawn, they'd probably call that a school shooting too.

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Wtf I love NPR now.

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Don't care. NPR is far left liberal kike trash that U.S. tax payers have to pay for.

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Another error in their algorithm?? Nah! Just plain censorship. When will normies learn?

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I probably could have shot up my school I just never got the right combo of meds. Only I’m telling me to take drugs on a daily basis fuck your psychology degree. How you gonna dope me up on the first meeting?

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