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It goes farther than just not being allowed to criticize Obama. White people are not allowed to criticize black, brown, red or yellow people. They can say anything they want about us though, even calling for our genocide. Fuck Twitter.

And fuck that cowardly ass Obama. If a mortar round went off within ten miles of the guy he'd shit his pants and start crying for Michael to come rescue him.

[–] edgelord666 20 points -17 points (+3|-20) ago 

remember when drumpf faked bone spurs to avoid the draft and then just spent the whole war hiring prostitutes in NY? of course you don't you stupid redneck

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The shill actually said drumpf. Haha. Their not sending their best

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Rich and intelligent just coming into the prime of life.

Do you A Go kill some poor farmer gooks in a pointless war that isn't being fought in a way that can be won.

Or do you B Get out of it any way you can.

Seems President Donald "Luckier than Forest Gump" Trump got lucky and picked the right choice yet again..

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Where in my comment did I even mention trump?

No, I don't remember the Vietnam war. Do you? Did you serve?

I ain't no redneck. Go back to Twitter HQ, ya fucking Jew shill.

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Are you and @edgelord666 the same demon?

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Did not mention trump in my comment.

Obama is a coward. And he was the finest president in 150 years, if by finest you mean ineffective and forgettable.

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