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It goes farther than just not being allowed to criticize Obama. White people are not allowed to criticize black, brown, red or yellow people. They can say anything they want about us though, even calling for our genocide. Fuck Twitter.

And fuck that cowardly ass Obama. If a mortar round went off within ten miles of the guy he'd shit his pants and start crying for Michael to come rescue him.

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Lol but trump can be shit on all day and no one will be banned

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They actively promote that retardation too.

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By calling retardation a resistance.

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They make it sound like a sensibilities issue, but it's not. Caring about what he said is just cover for clearing house before the election. If they didn't think he was a threat they wouldn't remove him.

November is near.

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Great, lets do the civil war thing to sort this out.

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These faggots need their 230 protections removed. They are not platforms, they're publishers and they need to bare the responsibility that goes along with that status.

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He should have known you're only allowed to attack, malign & make racist statements about whites on FB, Tweeter & G00LAG. To speak ill of dear leader bathhouse barry is verboten.

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He should be going after Clinton and Sarkozy. Both of them created the problem in Libya. Obama just stood by and watched as it all unfolded. That said, Twitter doing this testifies to how low they have become in many ways. Twitter should just have its privileges revoked and become a neutral-private domain run by moderators.

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By suspend do they mean banned?

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