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I see no sign of feminist males in Sweden making a stand other than complaining like girls, like they do now and have been in small groups for very long time. You have too high expectations and not reality based. People who are brainwashed after several generations and indoctrination do not suddenly snap out of it. Even if they did, what would they do? They have no access to guns really, which is necessary for any kind of radical change. Look at history..

The military in Sweden have shown they are (((on their))) side. People wish and wish, wait and wait. Guess what, it's already too late. But Sweden can be a living example of what happens. To warn other countries like Russia etc.

I don't understand how people believe in miracles and fairytales these days. That is the true reason Goyims got fucked over in the first place.


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No access to guns? 23.1 guns per 100 people actually, ranked at number 18 in the world.