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Interesting, mister 20 days, that you do not focus your attention on the massive increase in immigrants and foreign-born in Sweden, nor do you call attention to the declining population of the native people. No, you seek to act as a painkiller. Not a single effort spent to fix the problem, but rather spent to dull the senses so as to let the pain slip by unopposed.

You are the rapist with their hand over the victim's mouth going "shush, just let this happen". You are the jew, if not literally than metaphorically. You are the anesthesia that prevents righteous indignation from doing its job and purging the system of all hostile foreign objects. You are AIDS made flesh. You are a demon of rot and subversion given human form.

You are the Jew, and I have nothing left to give you but my loathing and my hate.


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Oh this instance is only 20 days old, but ol' JohnCStevenson has been here for more than a year. But that account got abandoned when he failed to switch to an alt when calling himself a niggerfaggot. It sits at about -8800 CCP, so we've got a few months to go before they get tired of the game again, or make another mistake and get outed.


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Oh shut up soy boy. You lunatics muttering about the Russians know no history. Russia and Sweden were both taken over by Jewish interests.

Who runs the Swedish media? Hint: the bonnier family. Look them up.


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How about spreading truth? Hate is one thing, but do you believe in even a 10% chance of race realism and the ramifications of that?

Truth over feels any day.


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There are many, many good things going on in the world, and in the United States. How interesting that few of these developments are rarely mentioned in regular media - yet many, many reports of hate and oppression, against those who don't adhere 100% to far left propaganda.