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Maybe some of them understand that this may be their last chance to save their nation?

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I hope so, because a quarter is imports at this point https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Sweden

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Hitler was right

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Last chance without violence. Without violence. There’s always that caveat. Because have no doubt, a white guy raised in cucked-out Sweden still has a better chance than a low-IQ inbred Arab.

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I see no sign of feminist males in Sweden making a stand other than complaining like girls, like they do now and have been in small groups for very long time. You have too high expectations and not reality based. People who are brainwashed after several generations and indoctrination do not suddenly snap out of it. Even if they did, what would they do? They have no access to guns really, which is necessary for any kind of radical change. Look at history..

The military in Sweden have shown they are (((on their))) side. People wish and wish, wait and wait. Guess what, it's already too late. But Sweden can be a living example of what happens. To warn other countries like Russia etc.

I don't understand how people believe in miracles and fairytales these days. That is the true reason Goyims got fucked over in the first place.

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((They)) will cheat. Always have.

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These elections are rigged but results can still be gained even in a stacked card game...here's what I wrote.... earlier close to 20% and that's exit poll in a rigged election for leftists, while the commies, greens and feminists are probably dead, 'pirate party' gone. Centrist party seems dead. Thousands of districts still unreported. Here is something to consider an alliance of Social Democrats, Sveriges socialdemokratiska arbetareparti plus Greens plus Lefty Party only gives 40% ....While an alliance of Moderates Moderata samlingspartiet plus Centrist and L Liberalerna and KD Kristdemokraterna only delivers 39% whatever the outcome this will be an unwanted government not voted for or not supported by the majority of people. The single party since 1889 that has ruled Sweden unchallenged since before WW2 has finally been defeated. Although unlikely but if the 'moderates' joined with Swedish Democrats...who the world media call 'Trump-like' or Rightwing...joined the Swede Democrats to form an alliance then shit really hits the fan. Also getting exposure were possible real Alt-Rights Neo-Nazis Ultra Nationalists though groups like Alternative for Sweden and NRM or NMR Nordiska motståndsrörelsen...for an extreme left open borders nation Sweden is now shifting right and it is shifting fast. analysts, polls, riggers everyone will get it wrong or will they rig it for the left? form a leftist multi party coalition to keep the conservative out? "Too Close To Call" ? https://twitter.com/EuropeElects/status/1038850480187879425 Jimmie Åkesson made them big gains by the left will rig the election against him?

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10.45pm: ‘Prime Minister Stefan Lofven should step down’

Ulf Kristersson, leader of the centre-right Moderates, has called on Sweden’s leader to resign in light of tonight’s preliminary results.

In a reference to Mr Lofven’s minority cabinet, Mr Kristersson told supporters: “This government has run its course.

“Now it should resign.”

Neither Mr Kristersson’s centre-right Alliance or Mr Lofven’s centre-left coalition have won enough votes to secure a majority.

10.20pm: Sweden Democrats ‘will gain huge influence’

Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Akesson has told supporters he is prepared to talk and cooperate with all other parties.

At a party rally in Stockholm, he said: "We increase our seats in parliament and we see that we will gain huge influence over what happens in Sweden during the coming weeks, months and years.”

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I always felt like the swedes were finally at their tipping point!

C'mon guys!! Push it over the finish line!

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voting means noting. Reproduction and immigration mean everything.

If they vote but continue to let foreigners in (and continue to avoid having children) they are lost.

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Here's how it could be rigged? magic number is 175 ?? Sveriges socialdemokratiska arbetareparti try to rig the win? S Leftist Social Democrat + V Leftwing Vagina heads + MP Greenie hippie = 144 ??..... still not enough with 3 parties combined to fake a win.... Moderata samlingspartiettry to rig a win? ......M moderate Party + C Centrist + L lLiberal Marxist + KD Kiddy Christian Democrat = 144 ....not high enough... SD Sweden Democrats which the media hate + M Moderate + KD Kid Christan = 153 ....still no numbers.... 175 needed for majority ...some strange backroom deals happening now?

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I talked to Swedish citizen at the gun range. Tipping point is very near.

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See the lightening in the sky

Count and wait for thunder

1 2 3 4


leaving no wonder

That the storm is coming soon

Electric forks stab into the ground

Again thunder echoes its mighty sound


Shatters the night

Like rats the Swedes run from the sight

Of their impending doom looming above

Storm cloud arising no more compromising

Or drown, in a flood of their tears

Their children will blame them for their fears



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What, the beer glass tipping point?

Swedes don't have any fight in them. They need to fight, not vote. There are enough foreigners there to outbreed them.

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He was practiceing pistol marksmanship, so I think he is ready to fight.

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Voting is pacification. If voting changed anything they wouldn't be allowed to vote.

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The effectiveness of 'voting' really depends on what device you use.

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Haven't been following this as much as I should but good for Sweden, they are having a great many difficulties I understand.

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Ok goat, here's the salt n Pepper lol.Push it real good

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Fuck off brain dead nigger.

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Why link rap crap when you can link a sexy redhead? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pmd3UiNfNkA

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You cannot trust the polls in the USA or Britain. Double that for Sweden.

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