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I dunno about these numbers. If this was Saturday September 9 2018 then I was driving by around 7:30pm when the arena was filling. There were 4 separate lines of cars about 30-50 cars each in bumper to bumper waiting to get in.

I assumed it was a game or concert or something...

Edit: nm it was some Hispanic concert in a heavily Hispanic market http://www.hondacenter.com/events/luis-miguel/

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Expected Menudo.

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Nice follow up, thanks

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They are both niggers I could easy see the confusion.

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Looks to me like no one wants to see a used up cumrag verbally attacking America.

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He doesn’t care he probably made a $million+. Corporations pay x presidents for speeches cause it’s a legal loophole to wash the bribe money.

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Why would a state full of Spics want to see a Nigger? He’s probably there to steal something. Like you’re Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Side note Local Fox and other news stations show a close up on all the people recording his intro on their phones. Tried to impose the feeling it was a packed crowd that was “hot” for his return. Pathetic liars across the board in main stream media. Compare that to massive sell out Trump Rallies. Of all colors showing up.

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I predict the turnout to see him at his new mega-max prison will be MUCH higher.

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The line for blowjob's will wrap around the yard

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Obama has been reduced to lying and making things up nowadays. Remember 2yrs ago when he was calling Trump ignorant on the economy, no way possible to even get over 2% gdp growth in the US consistently/annually, went on and on how Trump doesn't know how the economy works, then years back he tried to sell us the jobs lost aren't coming back. He was dead wrong on both things, important things, jobs and the economy, now he's trying to sell the general public that he paved the way for this economy without mentioning he raised the debt to gdp ratio from 60% to 110%. What a damn fool he is, and even bigger fools are the people who actually listen to his bullshit.

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How many of those were paid?

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Obama is old news. Not to mention that the only people that love Obama and want to see him give a speech are literal foreigners.

It'd be a good day when Obama is no longer a politician.

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Sadly, 0bama is going to be the black Soros for years to come

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He'll make a mistake soon enough to turn the world against him. He thinks he is really smart.

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