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Worst part is, even if there is "hate speech", it's gab's users posting it, not gab itself. Google is essentially trying to strong arm Gab into removing content Google doesn't like so Gab can be featured in the Google Play Store.

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This is fun. Google is essentially arguing that the platform is responsible for the content. Precisely the opposite of what they've been arguing in France regarding the right to be forgotten which is now part of the GDPR.

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It is amazing how nefarious types argue both sides at once. The "church" of scientology at the very same time argued for freedom on the internet (so they could run their heads) and "responsibility" on the internet so people couldn't say bad things about "the church."

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And since it doesn't curate it's not a publisher like Twitter, Facebook, and Google so it's not responsible for it's users content

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Sounds like a good reason to install Gab on every single Android device I own (70 something, I work as an embedded engineer so I need to test a lot of devices). Fuck Google fuck their political nonsense.

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What's the industry? Have another year maybe in me for web/marketing/e-commerce work. Almost bailed for industrial controls work recently but I do want to get more involved in mobile.

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Settings > Security. Tap on “Unknown sources” to enable it.


They can go for alternatives though

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I know they can, but the problem is being removed from the Google store limits how many new users they can get. The Gab app being removed is about stopping people from stumbling on Gab, downloading the app, and checking it out. Hosting the apk on another market really cuts down the new people Gab can reach.

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I'm sure the "error" will be "corrected" as soon as the story gets some kind of traction.

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Corporate fascism. The most relevant form of fascism at the moment.

Fuck google.

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Amazing how happy the lolbertarians are to get tread on so long as the boot is on a private monopoly's foot, innit?

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The libertarian perspective is the market will correct itself. It's already trying. Bitchute, gab, minds, etc. We're seeing alternatives since there is a market for them to fill (free speech).

One day those platforms may fail us and yet again new ones will pop up.

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https://tweetsave.com/getongab/status/1038759713024798720 :

Gab.ai on Twitter: "That was fast.

This shows Google’s clear anti-competitive targeting of Gab.

In this version of the app we had a global filter on “hate speech” words.

We were compliant with this policy.

Or were we? “Hate speech” is subjective. Google could think “crayon” is hate speech.… /0eh7lDjKH0"

This has been an automated message.

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Plain & Simple.

The commie authoritarians don't want people to decide for themselves what they watch or listen to.. They want full control of the propaganda machine.

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Need to file anti-trust lawsuits.

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SCOTUS is going to whoop these companies' asses. RBG needs to be replaced by a constitution autist and then they're fucked.

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She needs to die miserably for all the activism she has done in the court. Next time I hear of a nigger raping an 80+ year old woman and killing her it better fucking be Ginsberg.

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this comment is amazing.

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I was rootin for ya, but it looks like you didnt get your wish.


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I checked the username after reading your comment, was expecting u/maroonsaint

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What's the difference between a bakery refusing service to a potentially paying customer and a company refusing to post content they believe to be against their mission statement?

Constitutionally speaking.

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I can't remember the name of the case, but a woman sued a company for violating her first amendment rights. Because the company owned all of the local infrastructure, scotus ruled in her favor that if there is no reasonable alternative to private property, free speech cannot be infringed on that private property. The monopoly status of these tech companies make a supreme court case a huge opportunity for free speech advocates.

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Yup!!!! I'm on a Windows phone. I just pin sites I use to the home screen. Much better than giving an app access. To my stuff.

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Gab was never on the Play Store to begin with. If you want Gab, go to the Gab site and use the website or download the app.

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