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Dental records show they're not children, psychological studies cancelled for possibly upsetting transgenders, zero climate predictions come true so they just increase the past temps to match the upward trend, but no it's the conservatives who are anti-science.

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( inserts fingers in ears)

"Nah nah nah nah nah. I can't hear you!!!"

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Keep posting facts. Jewbook, twatter, snachapp will ban you. Facts are racist; feels are the reals.

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Lets hope he doesn't expect much justice because he won't find it there.

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European Court of Justice

Contradiction in terms, here.

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He won at trial? That's amazing. He conducted the tests without any need and violated patients autonomy. He's going to lose again for that alone. The law in Sweden is very clear on this, and high courts tend to uphold the written law. If, on the other hand, there was a medical reason for the full-body *scan, he'd be fine. His employer would have no grounds to fire him.

In the U.S., we'd deport/prosecute the illegal immigrants for lying about their age, and the doctor might lose a suit in common/civil court to their employer, depending on local laws, regulations related to malpractice/firing, and the judge/jury trying the case.

*Accidentally wrote surgery in initial comment

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The wealthy swedes that have the finantial means to go through this shit should do it, and im sure they can win.

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Is this good or bad?

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it depends, though.

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My old roommate swore up and down I was fake news and that all the migrants were women and children only and not a threat.

Take a look at what I showed him prior to the dentist coming fourth : https://elliotlakenews.wordpress.com/2016/03/01/12-year-old-refugee-wins-childrens-running-competition-in-sweden/

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pretty sure that photo is fake tho, I never found any real sources for it

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Noted: any photo you don't agree with is fake.

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