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I'm getting really tired of all this fucking diversity coming into the USA.

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Exactly how was he going to PAY for the hospital bill? Oh right, it's free. Stupid me.

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Yeah but whoever he murdered was in Mexico right? So they probably weren't an immigrant. You can't let a few murdered non-globalists/people who work for a living, get in the way of the special rights of our precious immigrants!

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This is news to you?

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So he committed murder in Mexico, it's not fair to hold him to laws he broke in another country. Plus he's here as a refugee because they're trying to prosecute him for murder in Mexico, it's immoral to detain him like this.

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Okay, easy thing send him back to Mexico. Its not that hard is it? We should be enforcing the law and recognizing extradition laws. I don't know maybe we should just take him to court and find a way to make for a swift exacting of whether to deport him or to enact the death penalty on him.

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No shit. We knew this the day it happened.

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