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-landmine DMZ

-razor wire

-sniper towers

-small area just outside the walls still technically US soil. a trick the eastern European places use. they detain people technically inside the border but contained beyond the wall, and those that attempt to cross cant enter, but are free to walk back to where they come from at any point

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Bonus points if turrets.

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DMZ works for Korea. I bet the spics would stop coming if we incorporated that.

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A moat stocked with alligators conditioned to eat refried beans.

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Automated Turrets.

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Maginot Line. Wait, that outcome was not so ideal...

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In addition to a concrete wall that is so large it stands forever

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Great so do it.

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Hijacking a higher post for visibility.

All he would have to do is have the reserves do training missions on the boarder since a lot of the units are Engineering/Construction. You have others come in for support (ie: security, food, etc). It's actually pretty decent training for hostile desert climates...

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Just do it already.

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Some interpretations of Q indicate this is something Trump has already put in motion.

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Back in April ?

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Hay I like the results this guy is getting but here is the thing. He is commander in chief of the worlds largest military budget. Stop dickin around about a defense structure for our country. If that is the reality of it , use your powers as commander in chief and order a wall like I order In and Out. Hang every treasonous son of a bitch that there is. Trump has brought prosperity back and some measure of wealth, but is lacking in his duty to protect and defend from all enemies foreign and domestic. States and cities are subversive to the very constitution that founds us. The police force that "protects" us has become jack booted thugs in too many instances,. with no accountability. And we are slowly being invaded south and central America. Here this guy is supposed to in charge of the largest military might on the planet and can't even so much as muster up a shitty little wall.

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So where are YOUR downvotes for saying truth that hurts the trump cocksuckers’ feelings?

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Can we avoid giving the Executive any more power over anything domestic? One day a Dem will be back in office...

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More than likely we're going to have to go full fash to fix this mess.

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The executive office already has the power he just doesn't want to do it that way.

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Immigration control is, and has been for a long time, a national security issue. The Army Corps of Engineers has always had the necessary mandate to operate on US soil. This would not be some new power grab, or power concession.

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Can't really afford to have a dem back in office,

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We already have one.

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Hadrian used the three legions to build his wall.

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Parts of the wall should be military grade anyway All parts should include military surveillance. High traffic areas should have both and more.

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You must be taking about the auto turrets and land mines.

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Just want to say, good luck, we're all counting on you.

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And don't call me Shirley.

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lol! You got it! You must've had the chicken.

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