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Shows two black girls looking competent. Shows Asian kid struggling with work. Show the only white kid rubbing out a mistake they've made.

The BBC just can't help themselves. Even when the facts are in they still try and push their poisonous fucking bullshit narrative.

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Photos attached to propaganda pieces like this are often the most important piece. They are presented in a way that sends a message to the reader- they do this in a very subtle manner in order to gaslight people who recognize the patterns.

For example, you noticed the photos portraying the races a certain way. If you told the entire world what you see in that article, probably 2/3s would call you crazy for seeing things that "aren't there". That's the genius of using subtlety. You see the same shit with all the ads that include elements of miscegenation.

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Don't get me started on fucking adverts. Watched live TV for the first time in months two nights ago. 4 out 5 of the adverts during the one ad break I paid attention featured Black African origin men as the central hero figure. Blacks make up less than 5% of the population which includes women. So black men around half that again. And yet they featured in 80% of the adverts during a show featuring no blacks at all. Is there some hourly quota or some shit?

Whites and particularly White men are not represented in advertising media. And its getting worse.

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AKA "Dog Whistle".

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I'm surprised they didn't show the white kid eating out of a dog bowl.

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"The BBC just can't help themselves"

They can't. It's like pavlov's dog.

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Dunning-kruger effect. Confidence != competence.

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Now all we need is for the entire education administration in the United States to get the message.

I can assure you that at this moment they are in complete denial of the facts.

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They call race a social construct. They aren't just in complete denial of the facts, they're pushing lies to eliminate any trace of the facts, since they have already indoctrinated into children's heads that they are telling the truth and only the truth due to their, also indoctrinated, unquestionable authority.

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This is why a revolution is coming. Societies based on lies can't be propped up forever.

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So if race is a social construct, does it not follow that racial equality is a bizarre goal for which to strive? And does it not make hatred of the white male a curious delusion?

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No, not at all. Some are for worst then in denial. They know the truth but have no spine to stand up for it. They are traitors to the truth.

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It's that, but it probably requires government and judicial changes as well. If there are separations based on race the lawsuits will fly. While it should start in academia: we need the research to demonstrate it conclusively to back up the policies, and fend off the lawsuits, it's almost as if it needs to be a coordinated effort. Maybe once it reaches a certain point. But I don't see any/much research being doing until major changes in public awareness take place.

The best way to talk about and pitch it I suppose would be to say that different people learn differently. They have different needs for how they're taught. Mixing everyone together isn't the solution (I'm sure the research will show, if it hasn't already--they have gifted programs and special ed programs), and that people need to be separated and taught according to their needs.

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When there comes a tipping point, those who know the truth but are afraid to say it out loud will switch sides overnight and start loudly proclaiming what they always knew to be true but didn't have the guts to say. There will seem to be a huge, inexplicable swing in public opinion to the right, but really no such swing will have occured.

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Facts? LOL

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Rephrase that as a conspiracy theory. The schools are getting government and city money to educate blacks. They choose to teach blacks things that hurt them rather than help them.

What jobs can blacks physically and mentally do? What do they need to learn to do those jobs and avoid getting arrested? Ensure the schools teach it.

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A_M_Swallow, you are putting a lot of faith in low-IQ people's ability to understand logic.

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B.b.b.b.b.but I watched Trading Places and they did a real world scientific study that proves ENVIRONMENT outweighs EVOLUTION. There was even a wager on it, and the "good genes" guy LOST!!!

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GI Joe with the kung fu grip

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This one slipped by the narrative censors and tomorrow they'll be back on track pushing the race and gender parity bullshit

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The problem with OP's title is that it isn't true. BBC admitted that genetics very likely factors heavily on intelligence...and that's as far as they went. They didn't say anything about race, and while it's pretty obvious to anyone with a few working neurons that race is genetic, remember that these are the people who claim race doesn't exist and all humans are just one giant extended family (very loosely true, genetically speaking, but you know what I'm saying).

BBC didn't admit to race being real, and they'll never admit defeat. Anyone who's redpilled knows this. You can use logical extrapolations and knowledge of further subjects to show this article helps to shoot holes in their narrative, but on its own, this article isn't going to do anything for any normalfag or bluepilled BBC reader.

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The structure of the study makes it impossible for it to say anything about race at all even.

They looked at performance differences between sets of twins and compared the differences between identical twins to the differences between non identical twins.

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But if you have a couple of brain cells left, you can count two plus two together.
If there are differences on IQ scores and SAT scores between the races, and intelligence is mostly genetic, then....

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temperament, impulse control, time preference.

The difference between blacks and whites is profound. It goes much further than "IQ".

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Yeah, no shit it's real. There were literally no black kids in the advanced classes at my old school. And only trashy or retarded whites trickled down into the non-advanced classes. Especially English. There were two levels of advanced English, and between them, you wouldn't find enough niggers for a game of horse.

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Whites have been propping niggers up for generations, while spewing a liberal lie that they are "just like us." Finally the reality is coming out through science, which is confirming what your grandfathers all knew -- niggers are not "just like us," they are subhumans with subnormal intelligence, a tendency toward violence, a lack of impulse control, and no forethought, all of which leads them to be useless, lying, criminal, destructive pieces of shit. We whites have been polishing these turds since the Civil War, and they still stink.

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The longer I live on this earth, the more I realize that most people of all races are fucking stupid.

Nigs are retarded animals but the average white person (I'm white) still seems barely human to me.

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You should go over to Pol, they're currently embracing the "NPC/Non Player Character" meme in a big way.
This idea that a larger chunk of people than previously suspected have no "inner voice".

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Very interesting...

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That's a problem that can be dealt with through birth CONTROL.

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Our findings, which suggest that genes influence how well a child will do across the length of their time at school, should provide additional motivation to identify children in need of interventions as early as possible, as problems are likely to remain throughout the school years.

Give em money

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Yep, because of the source it definitely read like a pretext for more gibs to me, rather than getting woke or honest about racial/genetic differences.
They just want to redistribute even more white wealth/privilege to "the genetically underprivileged".

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We already tried that and it was a dismal failure, look what it got us.

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