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At the end you can tell that he really hurt her deeply.

And this is why people like her want to censor everything off the internet; because that sharp knife of truth really cut her self-esteem to shreds. Feels good to see her feel bad man.

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If only someone was honest with her 40 years ago.

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Are you Muslim? You seem to share a lot of values with them.

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He certainly hit every single thing wrong with them. It looks like that comment about being lonely and childless stung deep.

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Sometimes, when someone gets their feels hit hard by verbal insults, you can see it plainly in their body language.

The whores were bemused and haughty at first, still up on their high horses, calling Jones immature. But then...

He dropped the "lonely, unmarried, childless" bit. It looked like that woman was physically struck in the belly. I adore this clip for that reason alone. People need to get their fucking feelings hurt more often, it checks you. These whores don't have any husbands there to check them regularly.

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I like this one: "your culture of death is over. " also when he called her out for being lonely.

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You cancel Alex off of Youtube, etc, then you get to face him on the street, or in the hallways in Congress. He's not going away.

This is only the beginning.

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you can see how much the childless comment hurt. lol.

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That was very entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

The meme took his goddamn gloves off.

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He knew she was childless at a glance.

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Yeah, she's hideous and a flaming liberal. Not hard to figure out lol.

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She is going to go home and cry to Mr. Snuggles, Socks, and Mrs. Purrr about the mean man she ran into. And then have a TV dinner.

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