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Robert O'Rourke isn't hispanic. He's not even partially hispanic. He's a fucking full blooded 4th gen. American potato nigger. He grew up in wetback infested El Paso. He is a race traitor and race denier in favor of illegal aliens. If this guy were to somehow get elected you could say goodbye to any border protection Texas has from Mexico. On the small chance this liberal does win over Cruz, it's high time to eradicate all the carpetbagging liberals that have flooded Texas from (mostly) California in a cheap attempt to turn a State's politics opposite of what native, multi-generational residents want.

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Just nuke Austin - thats where most of these degenerate assholes live. Austin is turning into a little San Fran / Portland mix.

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Lived there twice. From 96-98 and from 2011-2016. The area was always liberal, but started getting infected with California liberals post 2000 (Around the same time SxSW began, imagine that)

I agree with your statement.

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These commie fuckers openly brag that is what they are doing.

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The state of the left: Pinning their hopes on Texas hating Trump so much that they give Ted Cruz the boot.

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It's funny as hell... They want to replace Ted (Cruz) with "Beto" (O'rourke) ... The liberal left actually want to displace a working Hispanic with a white male.

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He's running for US Senate, not Texas government.

What he says and does if he is elected has zero bearing on how Texas runs itself.

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Other than representing the Texas at a national level and proposing national bills and regulations that all states, including Texas must adhere to. Including for instance attacks to systematically weaken the borders and limits of ICE agents of not just Texas but NM, AZ, and CA as well so he can let all his favorite cockroaches come crawling in full swarm.

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This guys such a douche and all the well-to-do peoples here all display his sign on their laws.

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Hispanics never display the flag. You'll notice this.

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I see them displaying the flag frequently, you liar!

Of course, it's the stupid MEXICAN flag...

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Fucking spicks can't produce anything on their own. They stole the Italian flag and stamped a faggoty eagle on it. Hell, their language is basically the ebonics of Italian. You ever listen to that shit? It sounds like verbal diarrhea.

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He's Irish. 100%.

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mexican irish both are drunk chatolics

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they like the Mexican flag

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Unless it's Mexican

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Anti-Christ Communist faggot

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What is really scary is how many fucking BETO bumper stickers around Austin.

Especially since Cruz lost in the voting last election.

I want Cruz to win, and Inhope those bumper stickers mean nothing

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Austin seems to be the CA of TX.

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Beto the beano

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He's not even Latino