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You know what, when you put it right there in front of you like that...

It actually doesnt look like the world is turning anti white at all.

It literally looks like a whole fuckton of sock puppets with check marks spamming the same sets of words.

I actually dont believe these people are real.

Think about it. How many nobodies do you know personally, or even tangentially, on twitter, with blue checks?

Who are the people that seem to be getting all the blue checks lately?

Think of who USED to get check marks on their name (Verification that it was the real celeb claiming to be behind the twitter account) and what happened when celebs started using it... AKA - What is an 'influencer'


Why the fuck are complete and utter nobodies from nowhere suddenly getting blue check marks left right and centre, all with exactly the same opinion, that white people are the worst, and that jews are both 'fellow white people' AND 'not white'???

I dont believe they are real.

Any blue checked account i see from twitter that isnt a genuine a-lister or influential person to some degree (think politics, business) that doesnt have an extensibly searchable background, is suspect as all fuck. ESPECIALLY when they spit out fucking horseshit like that. I think someone somewhere is trying to push a few boundaries as to what is acceptable and seeing where the snapback is. And nobody is fighting these bots at the moment because people genuinely believe theyre real, and they genuinely believe there is a wave of pro-israel shit going on, but there genuinely is a whole host of complete fucking retarded non kike whites that believe the propaganda. And that is less that they are 'pro-israel' and more pro 'anything that i can blame at the thing i am blaming for every failure in my life' (again, notice the same people who are pro israel when it comes to people calling out jews, are alternatively pro-palestinian when it comes to Israel acting the nazi themselves, while also being pro muslim, AND pro feminist! Literally everything these retarded fucks believe in contradicts everything else they believe in, because they dont actually fucking believe any of it nor do they care, but every single one of those things i just mentioned is the fault of heterosexual white western males.)


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Andy (((Cohen))) "Yea, I'm racist. I hate white people"

At least they admit it's racism. Some of them say it's impossible to be racist against whites or they use a stupid phrase like "reverse racism."

I do hope it's bots, though. I don't want to believe they are real people.


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They dont read at all like authentic free minded non programmed conversations or comments.

In fact ill propose something further....

Theres a fuckload of driveby single comments all the same in a row, then a couple of random sentence with a new insult and then a rash of posts with the same exact phrase.


'Herpderpyderpderp therefore fuck white men', 'i was at school today and the black teacher said a black thing and it reminded me fuck white men' - bot masters - 'fuck white men' 'fuck white men' 'fuck white men' - bots. Lots of bots.

'Herderpyderplalalderp - #whitegenocide' 'this unrelated to men or race happened 9h amd by the way #whitegenocide' - botmasters '#whitwgenocide' '#whitegenocode' '#whitegenocide' - same bots.

And so on and so forth...


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Same - except the other aspect I look at besides obscure Blue Checks, is the account joined date. Pretty much anything during or after 2016 is likely an Anti-Trump / current admin spamming account.

Remember CleverBot and how some of the replies were creepy af? I reckon these are similar type accounts utilizing technology like CleverBot.


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Sadly many liberals and/or leftists actually believe this. Michael Moore and Seth Rogen are on that pic aswell. And the New York Times editor... well, she exists. It's sad, but true.


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A considerable number of those tweets are indeed by famous people with internet histories and continuous and original tweets with the blue checkmark.

Any comments on that?


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I actually both acknowledge and give a possible explanation for that in a followup comment.

either way

i still dont believe its all genuine.


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And guess who the majority of these (((people))) are.


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There were a lot of Jews on that list...


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Some people think these are bots. They say that they repeat the same wording.

But you know what? So does the media. Ever see headlines for an issue they're pushing? 50 articles all with the term "blasts" to describe a criticism, for example. There's a machine at work, but I don't think it's bots. I think it's the international jewry.


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Interesting, I will have to start a investigation and follow up with you.


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As much as I'm against any First Lady getting to pick a pet project and having the power to implement it (malnourishing a generation of schoolchildren), why do anti free-speech policies only get to be applied one way? Why is the Right not applying the "Stop Online Bullying" agenda of Ivanka's and using it to shut the Twitter bullying down.

In reality it goes beyond bullying. It's election interference, intentional manipulation, outright calls for and the incitement of violence, death, and genocide. Shut the hate down! Love Trumps hate, or something... or so I heard?


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Picked 5 tweets at random. They all checked out. Very nice work. And there are a number of them that are definitely made by famous people, so those of them are definitely not bots. Wouldn't surprise me if most or all are not by bots, especially given how very real, widespread and open the hatred towards people of full European descent is not just on the internet but in real life, and not just among kikes. Remember "you're a fucking white male!". https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rfqAkUXKT5Y#

Column 6 has some archive links obscured, but it can still be searched.


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So many blue checkmarks!


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bluechecks are the new goldstars

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