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I dont agree that as an American my fate will be the same as the the SA white people.

First off, black people in North America or even Europe for that matter are not the native people. So even if they begin to ovverrun the native population it will be with zero right.

As for North America Im afraid the builders of the US made damn sure the native American population could never recover and out number whites. Without large numbers native americans will always be stuck on the rez as second class inhabitants of the land.

The situation in SA is one where the descendants of an invading population are outnumbered vastly by the descendants of the conquered. Its only human nature for the black south african to try and take back over. The SA whites are gonna get mauled unless they start fighting back hard. Their ancestors took their country and their descendants will have to fight to keep it. Sort of like Spartans and Helots. Only the Helots eventually won.

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Blacks are not the native people in South Africa either. They can claim to be anything they want "WE WUZ KANGS".

The situation in SA is one where the descendants of an invading population are outnumbered vastly by the descendants of the conquered.

The blacks literally invaded South Africa as the Zulu army. The natives are San (Bushmen.)

You should pay attention to what the Mexicans are saying about Aztlan. They're already claiming to be the original native people of the USA in preparation to take the land from you.

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What color is a native african?

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Surprisingly native south africans get pretty well along with boers nowadays. Khoisan allied with them when the zulu came genociding all on their way. Now they are on same list with whites and will silently die away if nothing drastic happens.

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Um, no. There was nobody on the land when the Dutch settlers landed in South Africa. They ARE the natives of that land, not black Africans. They expanded and came LATER.

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Whatever works in South Africa will be used in America. So propaganda, mixed with intimidation campaigns, combined with outright violence. It doesn't have to be blacks vs whites in America, they can try to unite latinos, blacks and leftists, for example (and yes, I know they resort to infighting, but giving them a common enemy allows them to cooperate on short-term 'goals').

They can also employ the old (or current SA strategy) with a new twist. For example, telling Americans that they should suffer for all the suffering the MIC has caused around the world, and as a result, have to give land/housing/tax subsidies to people from the Middle East.

In 1948 when the oppressive apartheid started (the start date is debatable), the population of the country was around 12 million. When it ended in 1994, the population was over 38m. And today is over 57m! So oppressive. Compare to the Soviet Union and China's population under Communism!

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OP, what do you mean with "Would to GOD"? Please explain.

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Where we go one, we go all.

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Would to god

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As others have said, if the Bantu win in South Africa. Then the Mexicans will IMMEDIATELY try do the same shit with White Farmers and White Landlords in America.