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Exactly, although it is far worse than that. Far, far worse. Obama has been spying using the Deep State Apparatus and the influences the F.B.I. wields over it.

He's not spying to see what Trump is saying about him that could be very negative and nasty and would be important to know, nor are the establishment, but to merely to listen in on Trump and try to overthrow him and the establishment with it. These people have nothing more than to create anarchy. Nixon was trying to keep that at bay.

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Yes, worse but with an insidious and chilling bite to it Watergate couldn't dream of duplicating. The reasons 'why' Obama's Deepgate is worse than Watergate are manifold and complex but probably the most disturbing aspect to Deepgate is the in-your-face moral imperiousness of the players.

Chins held jutted and high beneath eyes glowing with an arrogant disapproval of the Trump election and its voters, actions and communications across the spectrum bristling with a contempt awash in a seething bellowing angst aimed liked a fiery dart at that which disturbs their decades-long order.

A high-mindedness so driven by creed that even strategic and collective use of assets strung along the most powerful corridors of government can be justified completely to topple or disrupt the will of a despised voting block.

Watergate has its moments- but it was a minor kerfuffle blown entirely out of proportion by a despicable media that was powerful enough to own, design, and maintain TOTAL control over public narratives. And I state that as one who disliked Nixon who was the fucking engineer of the modern drug war and its enforcement lobby.

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A+ word soup sir

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Fun exercise: Watch videos of Obama, Putin, Jinping, Trump- any of them, but with the volume muted. Watch their body language to see if it is an act, or they really believe the words they say.

Trumps Christmas dinner with Military families and Trumps first SOTU address (watch the Congress members) are good spot to start. I couldn't find better examples, for some algorithmic reason...

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Yeah, the big problem with Nixon was how he conducted the drug war and how it got us engulfed in affairs and countries we had no business in and served as the facilitator for cocaine trafficking with the Contras in Nicaragua. I think certainly the biggest problem with the Deep State it serves to empower our enemies in some grander game, whether it be Russia, China, Israel, or Saudi Arabia.

Ultimately, this kind of model can be used to send bad stuff to groups like ISIS or who knows in our own society, like ANTIFA and BLMs. It does serve as the basis of overpowering certain lobbies and special interests groups, which tells me if Israel is the prize Jewel of the American Empire, then why do leftists go after it so much?

This is one thing that has boggled me and personally I believe it does not legitimize Israel, but only strengthens their cause and infiltrate conservatism and drive it towards the far-far left. Its all a grand scheme to turn the system inside out.

That is my opinion anyways. Ultimately, this is the way they topple the voting block from the top and shift their desires and play upon them. Its the grand way to use social forms and political power structures to manipulate demographics in a manner never conceived or done before.

Its cultural genocide on a scale so methodically planned that it is unprecedented, when most stuff like this happened over a much longer time and with more complicated dynamics behind it, while this one will be relatively quick and speedy, if we don't stop it.

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Look at the Vatican with its recent situation. It all began with the embracing of certain forms of theological thinking that encouraged feminism and socialism(Alois Hudal predicted this) and then spread into a certain kind of "compromise" and "recognition" of Third-Worldism.

Its what probably led to the explosion of pedophilia and who knows what else what was going on in the Vatican, from money-laundering to homosexuality. I think ultimately our system will unfold much quicker and in a much more devastating manner. All the pedophile stuff in our system is one major diversion and that is all it is about and it is spins wheels about things that hide from bigger developments going on behind the scenes.

Its the creation of spooks to keep people disinterested. The major developments in the United States are far more social and psychological in nature. No conspiracy theorist or smart person can understand the whole logic at work and how to systemize an explanation of the problem. There is just none at all. Its one massive mystery.

The demographic situation is not, and is why going after it needs to be an immanent importance. We can see the United States has become progressively more liberal the less white the immigrant groups became. Our founding fathers even were keen on passing an immigration law and George Washington did this.

Then people realized in the South and West they needed stronger racial laws only when Africans were freed from slavery, showing you not that the country did not care about race and perhaps testifies to the strong race-consciousness in the United States and that not race-mixing was not motivated by fear of violating social norms or cultural forms of life as many state in liberal academia. They knew who they were and had a strong sense of it and were practical in all matters. It gives me hope for the United States of America. I can't put faith in it and love it truly, firstly because people like Clinton and the Clintons have screwed it over so entirely and given money and intelligence to our enemies, whether it be the Russians, Chinese, Israelis, or Saudis, and secondly because you have not only these pedophila rings nesting in the government serving to facilitate the Clintons, but a variety of different groups that serve as their own special interest groups and who are creating their own think-tanks and social organizations to radicalize the efforts to spy on the American public and get lawyers to defy just application of the law in favor of "social justice."

The main thing is to use your intelligence in a fashion where you appear to be mentally ill and have the leftists running after you to be just conspiratorial and mentally ill enough where you know when to charge a system that is really charing you.

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anarchy would be better than the world the seek to create

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Obama used the IRS and its head Lois Lerner to silence conservatives in 2012. Comey and Eric Holder helped cover it up. Obama's tyranny started before Trump.