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Well.. sort of.

I'd suggest that reality is simple - Liberals have already censored their own echo chambers, so Conservatives were forced to flee them just to have a voice at all.

Why would Liberals bother leaving their entrenched walled garden of happy thoughts and try to talk to the part of the population that actually cares about reality when they've already locked down the majority of places the average plebeian knows about and uses?

The only Liberal presence on Voat appears to be the paid opposition (such as /v/truthhurts) or the typical deranged provocateur just trying to create drama.

At this point, we have a divided internet for population wrong-think enforcement.

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I'm not very conservative and I'm here. But I believe in logic and statistics so I'm not welcome among the usual leftist circles.

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Sounds like you're a Nazi to me.

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Try that IRL. It's funny.

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'They' have tried to make us all fit a description so they can use that to control us. Unfortunately, many of us are more than a label. Sounds like you are neither left nor right. You care about the truth and facts, whoever holds them. There's nothing wrong with that. We should all have such control over our own brains.

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I can echo this.

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That's why Voat is so affected when a subreddit is banned. Most of the people here have been kicked out of or left other communities. Nobody starts on voat.

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I started on reddit years ago and came here because it became so clearly biased and retarded.

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Reddit is so heavily "censored/moderated" it's not even funny.

Even jewtube has a fuck ton of wrongthink/conservative comments scattered everywhere because there's barely any monitoring.

The non-english comments are even more "free speech" in jewtube. No moderation at all. Unless it's a very popular videos, many jewtube comment sections look like voat.

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The only Liberal presence on Voat appears to be the paid opposition (such as /v/truthhurts) or the typical deranged provocateur just trying to create drama.

Don't forget about /v/fatpeoplehate. It's swarming with reddit fags that only come here for that one sub.

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Its got the word hate in it, and we all know that hating things is what the SJW crowd does their best at.

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I agree voat / gab gets a lot of people that are simply banned from liberal forums

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This is simply wishful thinking and partisan cheerleading.

It may be true that this would be the case at scale; but the real reason is much more nuanced.

The dominant platforms all started (especially twitter) with an ethos of radical freedom of speech and grew under that model.

They then pivoted and began removing "offensive" content.

Keep in mind that these corporations are global in scope, and attempting to moderate for a global audience.

The freedom afforded in the US, is quite offensive to the rest of the world, and we are much more economically right leaning than nearly any other nation on the planet.

As a result, in attempting to moderate away the offensive content for a global audience, the US based technology companies have shaped the most important platforms to fit global norms noticeably far to the left of mainstream US political discourse.


The good news is that technology is fundamentally on the side of free expression, even if the current largest purveyors of tech are not.

We just have to put in the effort, and stop relying on corporate power to provide us platforms to speak the truth.

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Seems more like the companies are owned by left leaning people and have been used to censor free speech under the guise of "offensive" content. These people are communists looking to take away what America is at its core, a free society. Any way they can ratchet down any luttle freedom is a win for them. Eventually the strap Wii break, however, and we will be prepared to defend the legacy that is America.

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defend the legacy that is America.

It really used to be the freest nation on earth. And now, despite the backsliding on our freedoms, it still is the freest nation on earth. And that's fucking scary.

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That's just it. The global Corps leave no room for private sector ownership of anything. It's slowly being killed off. America's streets used to be lined with businesses and shops - all privately owned. Now they're boarded up and our streets look like a 3rd world shit hole. The ONLY place to shop for ANYTHING are huge conglomerate chain stores. Obamacare killed one of the remaining predominantly private owned sector jobs - Dr's. No more independent physicians offices dotted around, now we have corp owned "clinics." Now they're going after bail bondsmen. They day it's judicial reform but they're full of shit. They don't gaf about the people UNLESS those people have a means of support that cannot be controlled by the Corp overloads. It's the same thing with tech. Any platform that starts that's looks like it could be competition is quickly bought out by global Corps. If they won't sell they're squashed.

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I agree with your analysis of how it started as a culture of radical freedom, but you cannot deny that there is plenty of incredibly offensive and even illegal content on mainstream platforms like Facebook and twitter that simply do not get censored, while content that is even slightly right-leaning, that can barely be argued to be offensive at all, gets banned.

This isn't just about being offensive. There is very clearly an anti-conservative and anti-nationalist bias on these mainstream websites. Understanding how important these platforms are, and the fact that globalists exclusively control them, makes this reality of national censorship 0-- not based on offensiveness -- quite understandable.

You end by saying the onus is on us to use technology to create our own platforms where we won't be censored and free discussion left and right can take place. But we've already done that. Gab, Voat, notabug -- they all exist, they all allow discussions about anything -- but they are nonexistent entities compared to the behemoths of the mainstream platforms, where everyone and their mother spends their time. And those platforms are censored. Creating alternative platforms as we have is an essential part of the process, but we cannot afford to take libertarian stances with respect to the behemoths.

There was a supreme court case about some private entity buying an entire town, and the judges ruled in favour of the citizen who wanted to be able to speak on the sidewalks. With power comes responsibility, and that applies to the likes of Facebook too. They control such a massive proportion of the market that regulations ensuring they allow all opinions to be expressed becomes reasonable.

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There was a supreme court case about some private entity buying an entire town, and the judges ruled in favour of the citizen who wanted to be able to speak on the sidewalks.

Marsh v. Alabama. (1946)

Ms. Marsh, a Jehova's Witness, was arrested for distributing religious literature on the streets of Chicksaw, Alabama, a town which was largely the private property of the Gulf Shipbuilding Company. She sued, and the Supreme Court found in her favor:


We do not agree that the corporation's property interests settle the question. The State urges in effect that the corporation's right to control the inhabitants of Chickasaw is coextensive with the right of a homeowner to regulate the conduct of his guests. We can not accept that contention. Ownership does not always mean absolute dominion. The more an owner, for his advantage, opens up his property for use by the public in general, the more do his rights become circumscribed by the statutory and constitutional rights of those who use it.


Synopsis of Rule of Law. A private entity that acts like a governmental body and performs a public function is subject to the United States Constitution (Constitution).

So the argument that the first amendment protection of free speech only restrains the government and not privately owned companies is refuted by the legal precedence of a Supreme Court judgment.

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The freedom afforded in the US, is quite offensive to the rest of the world, and we are much more economically right leaning than nearly any other nation on the planet.

NOPE, nobody is censoring the economic right. Anti-welfare is not even censor worthy.

Almost all of the censorship is against the social conservatism. Issues like immigration, gender roles, 2 genders, race realism. It's about "feels" and social issues hurt feels more, while most of the normies don't even understand economy 101 to be concerned about economic issues.

There is less freedom in US when in comes to social conservative speech than most other nations. US/western culture today is about safe spaces for all the unwanted dregs of societies like niggers, lgbtqs, and groups who got bashed in non-western countries.

Cultural marxism. Twitter is a platform controlled by cultural marxists. And America, along with other western countries are actually dominated by the cultural marxists, as much as you want to deny it. Twitter culture IS American mainstream culture in urban centers like NYC, LA, San Francisco, etc. It's not "made to be more palatable" for foreign countries (a foreigner who speak against feminism would be censored, even when gender role is a thing in every culture except western nations). It's made to adhere to the safe space political correctness culture in western nations. Which means, feminism, lgbt friendly, diversity/inclusion, and other politically correct SJW bullshit.

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(a foreigner who speak against feminism would be censored,...

I think the point is that only English language content is policed by American snowflakes. The same content voiced in another language gets a free pass either because they don't understand it, or imagine it won't have an effect on local politics.

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It's true! I wasn't racist until I came to voat!

[–] Rawrination 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

Same. I've dated every race but latino/a. But after getting banned from The_Donald on reddit for being pissed at Trump for saying take their guns, I came back to voat and started learning. Now I know that Hitler did nothing wrong , except for being too nice to those who wanted to kill him.

I would love to live in a Libertarian world, or a world that all the basics are covered by the government and the rest of it is libertarian, but right now we need a new Hitler type person who can cut the cancer out before it finishes off the human races.

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eh..... Hitler was on the in crowd. He retired in Argentina for a job well done. The Havara agreement displayed the Nazis Zionist intentions.

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Id say there have been times where mature individuals have championed more progressive type ideas and it was full of logic and things were different. That time is not now. And what's considered "progressive" is only in name, and championed en masse by people that act like an irrational mob.

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Sorry, but I've never seen a liberal or leftist cheer on statistics or logic, when it was inconvenient to the "everyone is equal" mantra. Every scientific fact or study, be it about race or gender, gets disregarded.

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I am fairly liberal. I believe in equal opportunity. I do not believe in equal outcomes. All people get a chance in my book. And yes I have read the bell curve book from cover to cover, charts and all. I am not even racist. However I sense that blacks on the west coast are different than blacks on the east coast so I can understand why eastern er are more racist. I would jump off a bridge before I labeled myself as a right wing person. But I love this site because everyone is allowed to be as smart or as stupid as they want.

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I modern "liberal" is not a progressive.

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Completely disagree, it's that right leaning people don't know how to make their points with any civility. They are getting kicked not for views, but not knowing how to present them without obviously offending someone with unnecessary words. Presentation is a problem.

Righties are overly political as well. Not everyone wants to view everything through a political lens. You can see it here, the only posts in gaming that ever trend are political.

That plus racial slurs all over the front page drive people away. Too many racists assume everyone thinks like them, and so when other right people see the site, they don't want to be associated with it and leave, forever.

It's mostly a personality problem with these people.

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Ghetto, there is some truth to what you say. I agree with you for the most part.

However --- I am usually swayed more by conservatives than liberals. Yet, I am open to liberal points of view. There is no good reason to close one's mind to any argument. And there are more than 2 sides to every issue. It's ok to come here with your own personal point of view, but you must keep the ability of hearing opposing views without too much bias. You will never grow and become wise if you accept your views are the only correct views. That would make you a muslim.

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Thanks for a civil respose. I may not agree, but I don't want that disagreement censored. I am only trying to get some to use alittle introspection and think about how they present themselves.

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It's much simpler. There are billionaires paying the other sites to censor conservatives, paying hackers to take down independent sites, paying PR agencies to say that any opposition is "alt-right," and paying government agents to release funds so they don't have to use their own money. Some of the billionaires are foreign, which would make it treason if anyone would prosecute.

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(((billionaires))) commie kike santa worshiping nigger-faggots.

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Oh yeah...

That is why many conservatives are religious, also pro censorship like the leftist snowflakes, and want to impose their view point by force.

I find many valuable people in both sides, and also many irrational people that has totalitarian view points, no matter which side they choose.

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There are idiots on both sides.

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Totalitarianism is the best way to eliminate the opposing ideologies.

Fuck democracy. I don't see the need of treating any leftist with respect.

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It's like arguing with Tesla supporters. State simple facts to them and they'll start accusing you of being a Trump supporter. Fucking idiots.

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Tesla socialists on voat all slammed my informative link yesterday with about -7 votes instantly to shoah the FACTS.

The post is :


and is factually titled "Unhinged ! Elon Musk irrationally doubles down on Personal Attack against cave rescuer, Calls Him 'CHILD RAPIST' (Sep 4 2018) : Tesla Stock immediately dropped 4% yesterday, more pain today. Insane!"

goddamn down-voting news censoring tesla socialists who cant handle facts, unless its pro tesla fact

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There are no "Tesla socialists" u less you're defining socialist incorrectly. Probably are, most were taught propaganda about what socialism is.

Socialists actually hate him.

This ties into my original top level comment, that mainly these places stay devoid of left leaning people because of poor presentation and opinion presented as fact.

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