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Of course they do this to someone that is trying to speak about Jack and Twitter's political bias, and NEVER do it when a loony left tard is shouting crap.

Shut it down Goy! Good boy.

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til he is an actual auctioneer.

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Just lol

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Holy shit, I almost want to move just so I can vote for him.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=WolVEMFbUcs :

Rep. Billy Long drowns out protester with auction call in Twitter hearing - YouTube

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The human race has officially,become,a caricature of itself

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Why is there no security in the room? Why did they need to go outside to get some security peeps into the room?

There should be security peeps in every corner and side, and they'd taze the silly bitch within seconds and have her cuffed and dragged outside, with a minimum $1000 fine.

We've become way too tolerant. A hearing is not the place for protests. Everything has its time and place. A hearing is not about the audience.

America doesn't stand for anything anymore, and it doesn't stand up for anything anymore.

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