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To learn more about how messed up this all is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IARczUg4JwI

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I know more. Cuckerberg may be a Rockefeller, controlling a CIA-owned front.

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I'm a Q follower and this shit is just.....like.......these people won't get it unless it's on the TV. For some unknown fucking reason if this shit isn't on TV, these assholes don't give a fuck. So when the (((news))) decides that they don't want the sheep on fuckbook anymore, they'll blare it across the MSM. We've known facebook was stupid since it's inception.

"Oh sign up for a new website that takes every fucking piece of your personal information and stores it....FOREVER? Yeah sure I'll join, cause if you don't I'LL LITERALLY NEVER CALL YOU AGAIN. WHAT ARE YOU PARANOID OR SOMETHING? HAHAHA LOSER. LOOK AT THIS LOSER WHO DOESN'T USE FACBEOOK"

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You must've not been around for the media blitz promoting twitter when it first started. Suddenly, every major MSM outlet and their main reporters got accounts on the very first day.

Or when Facebook started, and it got all this positive hype that Myspace never did, even though it was still only aimed at college students at that point.

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I wasn't paying attention to twitter but I was paying attention to facebook.

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Shit? yes. But it's going to take more than a news story with a date, which isn't even when it shut down for fucks sake, to prove your opinion that FB is literally DARPA.

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the darpa lifelog project ended the very same week facebook was founded. Edited day to week.

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apparently the search engines have been scrubbed, or maybe I just can't find it. Do you have any sort of link to the end date. All I can find is a couple of articles with no dates listed.

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They are Kikes. Which way worse than DARPA ever could be. DARPA wants to control you, Jews want you dead.

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Do you have any fucking idea what current events are playing out right now?

You have to be a stupid cunt to think President Trump's recent statements about Facebook and Google are not connected to Q drops like this one. I'm sure ex CIA Director John Brennan is calling Trump a traitor because of 'OPINION'.

wake the fuck up or shut the fuck up, SHILLY

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Q is fake and gay. If it ever was a real thing then it was co-opted. m

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Is there a date for this photo? Israel, cia, mossad, darpa - it's all the same swamp. I doubt Netanyahu is at the top though. Public figures tend to be puppets.

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Same people.

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lol oh shit... that proves it !!!

btw... nice account

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Scientia Est Potentia

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OP is a fucking kikeroach that only knows how to threaten or use the word 'fuck' in his debates. Just ignore and downvoat. If you doubt me, look at his user history.

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Lifelog was cancelled a month before that Wired article was written. So the coincidence that this meme is trying to claim is some smoking gun doesn't even exist.

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sure 4 day cunt...

We'll take your word over a Q drop, faggot.

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You think having an account for 11 months matters? How pathetic are you. "Look at me, I'm a miserable nobody who thinks it matters how old my shitty Voat account is!"

Why do you think I care what you think? Stop pretending you matter lol.

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