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Just justifying slush.

All three localities met and decided to pull together emergency funds to increase digital marketing and spread positive messages of the area, especially Lexington, which brings in the largest number of tourists.

Rockbridge Regional Tourism agreed to spend an additional $5,000 per month from the office’s emergency fund from July through September.

[...]The tourism office also decided to conduct a perceptions survey in its top four markets — [...] A total of 400 people will be surveyed.

They haven't even conducted surveys yet. It's just an excuse to spend money on their cronies. Nothing to see here.

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It'll be interesting to see if the survey will discuss whether the Sanders scandal had an influence, but how would a local survey be able to get the opinions of people who don't travel to the town anymore?

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Yeah, I don't see how the behavior in one restaurant would affect tourism in that city. I'd no idea which town it was in before and will forget again five minutes from now because it doesn't much matter.

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It's a business funded tourism group. Free market / no tax money. Their choice.

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Get woke go broke - Instapundit

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Is Instapundit the source for that quote? I'd love to add a citation every time I use it.

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I don't know the original source but Instapundit uses it all the time without crediting anyone so I assume its just a common saying.

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Repercussions are a bitch.

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She was leader of her local business board. Hopefully they get a Conservative on board.

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To make a statement, the Red Hen and its owners should be forced into bankruptcy, and run out of town with prejudice. Those people are the reason that the town has gone down the drain, and the resolution of the problem should reflect that.

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I wonder if lightning up a signal fire using the restaurant itself would entice people to come back.

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We should setup our own advertisements that people will see when searching for tourist options in this town that are simply directions how to get to a nearby town that we can claim has better attractions, food and people then this one.

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Or maybe an app that certifies places “maga” or not.

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Eat it, shitbags. You deserve it.

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