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It's actually mildly impressive that it's possible to brainwash a person to the extent that they will defend the murderer of their progeny. You'd think the shock of having their daughter murdered would wake anybody up. Is there some kind of genetic switch that makes some individuals very susceptible to brainwashing?

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It is extremely disturbing, and it is far from the first case.

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This shit is Sweden-level dumb.

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Stockholm syndrome

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But its totally ok when i do it to advance the narrative that illegal aliens are the most friendly wholesome people on earth. Also... they make good burritos.

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But... who will make the tacos in the Ethnostate?

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No one is trying to advance any racist views. The only racist is Mollie Tibbett's father turning it into a racial situation against whites. What he should be doing is seeing the problem with the Mexican and see it as part of a larger Mexico that can be traced back to the Mayan Temples. This is not racist, its just pointing out a brute fact.

The naturalistic argument from a certain standpoint and understood in a moralistic framework lends support to it being true in so fact as the sensibility subjects itself to a certain kind of understanding of self, instead of other.

The "racist" is always the self and in this case the race is the self of the father and the other can't be "racist." and he has a point, because they are racist just like him, especially for not protecting his daughter.

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"and yes, we love your food!"

Activated brain dead beta male. What a bloody pathetic man. He brings shame and disrespect to his beautiful but unfortunately stupid dead daughter. That is the harsh truth.

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The bottom line is - if the illegal hadn't been in the country illegally, Mollie Tibbets would be alive. What part of this is the dad not getting?

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The father is just as fucked as his daughter.

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Now we know where her mental disorder came from

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Good job at making a logical argument for your side and not make it look like inbred retards who feel threatened that they are no longer going to be a majority population wise. sarcasm

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