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Hitler did help create Israel.

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He only helped move the Jews to Palestine before it became Israel.

This Jew on the other hand... Helped create Israel.


Stephen S. Wise has been called the "Father of Zionism in America", and is described as "the most influential American Jew of his time.

By the outbreak of the First World War, Wise was a major player within organized Jewry in the United States. As a member of President Wilson's inner-circle ("brain trust"), he helped to originate the Zionist Balfour Declaration, which layed the groundwork for the establishment of Israel. In 1918 and 1919, Wise was at Versailles as a member of the Zionist Delegation. In 1922 he founded the "Jewish Institute of Religion" in New York, which became the leading pro-Zionist rabbi-school in the USA.

Wise's most prominent position was holding the office of president of the World Jewish Congress from 1936 until his death in 1949.

Stephen Wise was one of the originators of the bold 1933 worldwide Jewish boycott of National-Socialist Germany (See Judea Declares War on Germany). He was a close friend of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

From position as one of American-Jewry's principal leaders and spokesmen, he constantly urged Roosevelt towards confrontation with Germany, and agitated for war[2]. He also pressed Roosevelt to apply severe punishments to Germany after the war.

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TIL he was also a close friend with the Soviets, served as liaison to both Wilson and FDR, and spread information about the supposed jewish extermination in Germany.

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Balfour Declaration 1917

Rothschild and English Crown.

WW2 was just for creating Israel.

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Yes. This is the truth.

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And isreal helped create Hitler.

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I basically agree with this, and I hold nothing against the Israeli PM for saying it.

However, this mentality is all the more reason that people need to realize that the Jewish ruling class is playing this game for keeps, and we must stop accepting them at the top of all of our nations' institutions of power. We can't keep being manipulated into weakness by people who want to see the weak destroyed, or else it will be fitting and deserved that we are destroyed. Gotta get up and strengthen ourselves again.

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how do you hold nothing against him? the jews were not stronger than the germans. they got others to fight for them. from him its hypocritical finger waving.

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Being manipulated by Jews is our weakness. Getting the goyim to fight for Jews is their strength.

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He's stating the truth and it should be fucking obvious for everyone.

It's not even an opinion, unless you think that "the sky is blue" is an opinion.

Netanyahu is a plain speaking politician who have the balls to say what needs to be said instead of hiding behind virtue signaling PC bullshit. Just like Trump/Orban/Putin//Duterte, etc. It's the kind of people who should be elected, not fucking soys like Trudeau/Macron or obeast feminists like Merkel/Hillary.

Western world declined because there's way too many women and soys in power.

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Just kill yourself already Shlomo. Kikes bring nothing but destruction. If the planet were 100% kikes like you want the entire species would go extinct after 100 years because none of you lazy worthless Yids would be able to feed yourselves. You're just like the niggers who want to steal farmland in SA when all you'll do with it is pillage and sell the scraps.

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Die ganze Natur ist ein gewaltiges Ringen zwischen Kraft und Schwache, ein ewiger Sieg des Starken über den Schwachen.

< The whole of Nature is a mighty struggle between strength and weakness, an eternal victory of the strong over the weak.

One of Hitler’s speeches, at Munich April 13th 1923: https://archive.org/stream/TheSpeechesOfAdolfHitler19211941/hitler-speeches-collection_djvu.txt

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It appears the Israeli PM is an apt student, he should get a gold star.

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Yep. Nobody gives a shit if you want to be their buddy or lend a helping hand. That's not how respect is earned. Particularly among non-whites.
We need to be playing the same game everyone else is. Not pretend that the world runs on flowers, love and the smiles of small children. Even in peace time.

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Not pretend that the world runs on flowers, love and the smiles of small children.

Precisely why cultural marxism is a thing and why white genocide is going on. Too many ignorant whiteys who still see the world as unicorn+rainbows and "foreigners" as equal.

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Who is this "we", ZOG slave?

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(Creddit archive)[http://archive.is/ZgBpk], including nice anti-Israeli redpills

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Addendum: "so we must weaken those who are naturally much stronger than us with brainwashing, deception, economic warfare, corruption and genocide. Oy vey!"

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because they are puppets of the same power

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The idea of the 3rd Reich was to use the tactics of the jews for the benefit of the German people and to protect themselves against the jews. Any similarities between Nazi Germany and Kikeland are not coincidences.

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