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McCain was so self-centered that he planned the entire week of ego-stroking events upon his death.

That's how much of a "Civil Servant" he was.

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I’m so sick of the “public servant” bullshit. The guy had over $20 million and had a hell of a lot more cushy lifestyle than 99% of the country. Must have been really rough.

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His second wife was already pretty wealthy

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I care so much about this country that I want all legitimate business, politics and industry to stop for a week when I die. For the country.

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... and specifically attempts to undermine the sitting Republican President in the process.

"Civil Servant"

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well said.

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This isn't the first time I've seen this. Is there a source I can look at that tells about him planning this?

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Planned down to the scripted stops for his corpse, and the music played.

WASHINGTON — Not long after Senator John McCain learned last summer that he had terminal brain cancer, he began convening meetings every Friday in his Capitol Hill office with a group of trusted aides. The subject was his funeral.

He obsessed over the music, selecting the Irish ballad “Danny Boy” and several patriotic hymns. He choreographed the movement of his coffin from Arizona, his home state, to Washington. And in April, when he knew the end was coming, he began reaching out to Republicans, Democrats and even a Russian dissident with requests that they deliver eulogies and serve as pallbearers.

By the time he died on Saturday, Mr. McCain had carefully stage-managed a four-day celebration of his life — but what was also an unmistakable rebuke to President Trump and his agenda. For years, Mr. Trump had used Twitter and the presidential bully pulpit to mock and condemn the senator. In death, Mr. McCain found a way to have the last word, even quietly making it clear through friends that Mr. Trump was not welcome at the services.

In July, while planning his funeral, Sen. John McCain specifically asked that a beloved Irish ballad, “Danny Boy,” be sung during services, a longtime family friend and associate tells PEOPLE.

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He was pretty much a puppet anyway. Saying he planned this might be giving the songbird too much credit. Someone did, but it was likely his masters.

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Then, after being disinvited from the Trump-bashing funeral, they attack Trump for going on about his business as usual.

This is not The Onion folks.

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What's truly sad is that most average people touch many lives, and help others in ways they may not even realize, just by being alive and trying to be decent people.

What we'll remember McCain for is being a songbird, messing up killing Obamacare, and dying of cancer.

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*he won't be remembered.

Trump will be remembered and McTumor will be one sentence noting the first attempt to repeal Obama care was stopped by bitter McShit.

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Also being a total cunt and hypocrite (saying he'd repeal Obamacare, but when given the opportunity, he didn't).

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I'm still mourning John McCain's tumor. It did so much for this country.

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That might have been the finest tumor this country has yet produced.

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Suspending his campaign to keep Obama in and Palin out.

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Trump's living in their heads rent free

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Thanks Con, you just made the most important comment of this thread. He will live forever in the head of every fucktarded democrat liberal thats ever to take a breath. Fitting.

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He needs to drone soros

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Did anyone else see Michael Obama roll his eyes after the Lord's Prayer?

Not 100% sure, but I don't believe the Bush's or the Obama's said the prayer, at all.

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Rolling your eyes would be disrespectful for sure, but is it required to actually say the prayer, or can it be done silently? Do all Christians learn this prayer by heart?

Not defending the Obamas but I'd have a hard time believing the Bush's would be disrespectful at a funeral.

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lol yeah.. all those pot shots at Trump were so RESPECTFUL

gimme a break

Do you have a hard time believing that the Bush's plotted 9/11, too?

lol what a blue pilled dunce we have here

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How pathetic that his death was used as nothing more than an excuse to bash the President. John McCain, a tool past the end of his life.

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I think a sign of the times was at Aretha's funeral: The Bishop grabbing some boob while the World watched. They aren't even trying to act the part any longer.

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That's not the proper way of spelling nigger

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Bishop ain't no Rook, with them moves.

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" To the last, I grapple with thee; From Hell's heart, I stab at thee; For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee."

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Very apposite. Would you give me the reference?

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Moby Dick.

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