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Look Lindsey Graham is in it. Sessions is not as bad as you guys make him out to be. He's not great exactly either. He's sort of a run of the mill, by the book, and do as your told lawyer and bureaucrat.

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He's not on board with his boss' goals. He doesn't seem awful at whatever else he does, but at any other job and he'd have been fired long ago.

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He is just stepping in line with Obama's former principle that the DOJ should sort of be a quasi-subordinated force, when it comes to pushing the legal system in such a manner to push on the constitution, and in as a Quid Pro Quo they independence to be good humble bureaucrats-lawyers who spin the language of the law as they wish around the context of what is on the book.

I think Trump realized Sessions was too "radical" for the Republican Party and saw the DOJ as the best way to throw him out on the frontier of the federal government. It was a smart choice and is why Sessions is the last of the old bunch, whether its Steve Bannon or Rex Tillinger. Sessions will probably be going here soon. Trump is trying to set up for the major push to put his illegal immigration program to place. I think he should really be doing something else too, which is either going after the loans sharks holding students to college debts to such a point where a fixed interest rate is fixed to the college loans, so the universities don't lose any real money in the aggregate, but also push them into lowering the cost of education to such an extent, where it keeps the bubble on education from exploding, but ensures those qualified for it can afford education.

Healthcare is important too and Trump should be pushing to push legislation that directly opposes Obama's Healthcare proposal, which would involve lowering premiums(a fixed premium range) too much to buy people into the market, and also a ceiling(sort of like a stair by stair approach or a kind of law of proportionality) on how low and high insurance companies can drive insurance costs(with special exceptions being made for someone getting in a boat load of accidents).

I knew Doctors do good work, are smart people, provide an important service to the public, but they make a shitload of money and get all the big benefits from insurance companies.

There should be a 1% doctor's tax placed on them, which would go directly back into the Hospital system to pay for the healthcare coverage of those who don't have medical insurance and need medical attention.

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do as your told lawyer and bureaucrat

who's giving him his marching orders?

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He's just going to shut up and probably play it in the direction of the F.B.I. at least on a practical level, and then try it theoretically back in Trump's favor, which is good, except for the fact people will start interpreting it as being a reason to start a coup against Trump.

Trump can't do much about that. It makes sense he is going to get his marching orders from someone within the Deep State/F.B.I. to play the flute and keep the choir happy and to have everyone else in the feds outside of the F.B.I. dancing happily, because essentially they all are driving against Trump.

Its an attempt to downgrade the power of the executive office and "spread" the power force. Sessions should be stepping up fully for Trump, but he won't.

We just have a lot of weak and passive bureaucrats in Washington D.C. currently. The Executive office needs to be protected in certain instances like this, but it also shows the dilemma and crisis with the executive office. It was badly abused during Abraham Lincoln's presidency and President Obama who put spins on it and empowered the DOJ and F.B.I. to such an extent where they could act up like this.

Trump is just hoping that the Senate and especially Congress keeps its Republican majority and it looks like there is a good chance for Congress, but I don't know about the Senate. There will be a battle abrewing and Trump might be pushed into a corner where he has to pull an Obama but I don't think he will dare that, even though he is probably tempted, because that might give them reason to impeach him.

Trump will just find outlets in the economy to go against them and that is a good approach. Trump is very restricted unfortunately. Its terrible so many go after him when he really can't do much and has to bounce back and forth to keep himself in place.

Local elections will be huge because the next coup against him could be coming from that direction as the different liberal governors, if they get elected, will try to "secede" if Trump tries to push through illegal immigration legislation before the 2020 election, because after all that is what people voted him in for. That is when things could get crazy.

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