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The McCain funeral was retarded. Completely fucking autistic.

And the funeral for Aretha went on for a whole damn day. About 90% of Nog Twitter stopped to watch it (almost like they don't have jobs...hmm). And everyone was also mad that Faith Hill, a personal friend and duet partner and fellow Baptist, was invited by the family to perform. Like they can't even handle that their icon had a white friend. I don't fucking get it. This is supposed to be the tolerant, progressive youth? Making fun of a dead woman's friends? Okay.

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All this forced political pressure on everything is creating extremists everywhere. Expect more violence to come as long as the environment remains this way.

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Their souls are so blackened that the word funeral means spotlight.

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He was a fucking traitor and I'm glad he can't do any more damage.

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It's a nice indicator to see how more people here have genuine remorse over the creator of TempleOS passing whereas most everyone's thoughts on McCain going are "good riddance to old rubbish".

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I genuinely do not feel joy or anything of that nature at anyone's death or sorrow, but I'm not sad to see him leave.

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oh shit what killed him?

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Never thought I would see the day that McCain would be more popular than the Clintons or Obama among the left. These idiots are making shitbag McCain a saint and see nothing amiss with that. Fucking hell, I still remember all the articles that painted him as more racist than Hitler when he ran in '08.

It's sickening how stupid and malleable the average person has become. I actually voted for the cunt and I don't see how I could ever live that down.

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I honestly would have been less ashamed to vote Obama...at least he was open about being a piece of shit.

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The end result would have been no different had McCain won. I knew Obama was shit as soon as I discovered his ties to Bill Ayers. I guess I could have voted third party but it would have made no difference. Uni-party has had it's candidates on lock for a long time now. I was still living the illusion back then.

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McCain boot swap spectacular was truly a sight to be seen.

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in a war of survival everything is game

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Enough with putting niggers on a pedestal. You all know damn well that if Candace Owens was a white woman, nobody would give two fucks what she has to say. The amount of virtue signaling I've been seeing around here lately is sickening.

I'm not saying that blacks don't make valid points from time to time. What I'm saying is simply this: stop putting blacks on a pedestal unless they actually say or do something deserving of praise. That goes for both the left, and the right. We have somehow come to a point where the overarching narrative is that blacks have more of a say in society than whites. The left exercises that belief openly. The right exercises that belief in a more discreet way, IE worshipping "redpilled blacks" like Kanye West or Candace Owens.

One thing to remember at the end of the day: no matter how many things they may say that we agree with, our cultures are incompatible. And they always will be. Multiculturalism is a lie.

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where are all these people placing these based gorillas at?

im not seeing any of it on voat

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