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It's really just a flavor of Sexual Bolshevism.

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Always upgoat Nazi references.

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It's almost like you can take the things they said piece-by-piece for what they are. Marxism doesn't just work on the economic axis; it obviously works on the racial, sexual, artistic, dietary axes too.

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That's insulting to Fascism.

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At least Fascism has an ethos.

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AND is better dressed!

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"Social Justice" is just a politically correct term for COMMUNISM.

The globalist elites are using cultural Marxism ("Frankfurt School Communism-lite") and Antifa ("anarcho-Communist SJWs") as a weapon to enforce globalism ("global Communism").

That's it.

It's all about (((Communism))) again.

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I call them neo-communists. Instead of just listening to the usual economic communism you get all this other shit thrown in to confuse things for the gullible. It's still the same nation-destroying genocidal insanity, just with more soy.

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"Soy Communism".

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Don't let your memes be dreams

Lots of but hurt boomers. What's the matter, pissed off people call you on your bullshit?

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First time I've noticed lots of downvoats on a redpill topic. I can only assume they are bots or from reddit.

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calling commies fascists is not a redpill

it's a centrist narrative (and a shitty one)

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No, it isn't. It's communism, plain and simple. Fascism at least had a sense of morality, and indisputable notion of absolute right and wrong - the left, and communism, has nothing whatsoever of the sort....

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Maximum boomer posting

"Anything I don't like = fascism".

Next your going to go on about how the Democrats are the real racists and you're proud of your daughters getting knocked up by totally based 60 IQ Congolese niggers.

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"Social Justice" is (((COMMUNISM))) in drag.

And holy crap, do we have a lot more paid shills here lately...or what? Or is it just unpaid "useful idiots" from Reddit? Or both?

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