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They are getting more triggered by this balloon than anyone did about the Trump baby

"Here's a balloon of a screaming bad baby Trump! Aren't you angry?!! Aren't you? Aren't you!? SNOWFLAKE!!!!!"

Nah, not really. Whatever turns you on.

Now that that's over with, here's a balloon of Khan


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This is as funny as the guy who got angry with me on twatter because I said Nigger was shit tons more triggering than cracker ever will be.

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He looks like that guy on Silicon Valley

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They are so well conditioned, that call themselves nigger. They sing and dance about being the most original nigger they can be. Very funny behavior.

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notice how lately they've been trying so hard to accuse us of being triggered about anything. "THIS TRIGGERS YOU DOESN'T IT?? HAHA YOU'RE TRIGGERED YA!" and I'm just like "nope, still not triggered" and then a few days later they're back at it "I GOT IT THIS TIME, THEY'RE TRIGGERED NOW HAHAHA YES!! FINALLY" and then, still nope. It's some new form of projection.

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They've been reading Rules for Radicals

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They even took the term Snowflakes. It's so sad

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Yeah, some shitlib on reddit was trying to “trigger” me and then several days later sent a private follow up with a sarcastic non-apology. I had to dig around in my history because I couldn’t recall what he was referring to.

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This faggot Owen and every virtue signalers like him deserves to be genocided.

I would pay to see this guy beheaded and burned alive in a cage.

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Well, that would have to be done in a specific order.

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When did the left start trying to appropriate "snowflake?" It doesn't make sense when applied to people on the right. Just looking at his picture, Owen Jones is the quintessential faggot leftwing snowflake.

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Lord Nougat is right. Projection is their strongest weapon because the retards who read their shit don't know it's usually the COMPLETE OPPOSITE.

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The left has been taking the words and tactics of the right since the election (when I started paying attention anyways, probably has been going on for a while). "Cuck" and misinformation memes are two other examples of it.

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Isn't it more like that they try to ewmbrace and subvert cuck like the right did/does with so many terms thrown at them?

But what are the misinformation memes of the left. never seen one, are they still unrelated pic text walled?

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Helps to keep in mind that the rules of the SJW essentially cripple them in the arena of witty repartee, and it often degenerates into two categories: kindergarten taunts and -ists. -ists are the usual grab bag of racist/sexist/nazi blah blah blah. In this case it's a kindergarten taunt: I know you are, but what am I?

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Lefty: I know you are, but what am I?

Righty: Takes one to know one.

Lefty: Reeeeee you called me racist I am so triggert after I get out my safe space box I will take ur jabs,

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That is not "generic Arab". That is "Sadiq Khan". He is a politician and not immune from criticism because of his race. Fuck you.

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Well, and what racist sterotype anyway? Putting Khan in a yellow bikini is funny because he’s the jackass who banned the ad with the woman in a yellow bikini becuase it was triggering HAES dummies. There is no stereotype of Arab men wearing bikinis. This guy is a typical non-thinking SJW.

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There is no stereotype of Arab men wearing bikinis

Maybe this littel fag is walking in and between worlds we (really don't want to) know about.

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Isn't Khan Pakistani?

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I unno.

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I think it's a 'shop. I can't find the article:

Owen Jones

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The font of the second "quote" doesn't even match. Good catch.

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I'm not sure if he did say this, but this exchange where he tries to co-opt "snowflake" and defend the Trump balloon is embarrassing.

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This just in: Blogger Owen Jones claims cross-dressing is a racial stereotype of men of middle eastern heritage. We should make the Muslim people aware of his beliefs.

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Meh, of course it will be fun but then after he gets some arab fist up his ass, the MSM will jump in and calim it was the triggert Nazis who couldn't take it that he made fun of the ballon.

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Please give your heavy brain a rest, that was one massive dump of word diarrhea.

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KEK, "snowflake right." My biggest complaint about the Trump baby balloon was that it makes no fucking sense. What did Trump do warrant being described as a baby? Seems like a lot of projection to me. To actually turn a term back on the perpetrator there has to be a semblance of truth in it. For example, the MSM started using the term "fake news" and it was turned around immediately to describe them because, well, they are fake news.

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What did Trump do warrant being described as a baby?

Well he talked back to the left who sees themselfes as "grwon up" sophisticated and omni informed.

Yeah and he totally looks silly in his suit, not like the progressive left in unatural colors and drag.

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Well said.

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The shoe doesn't fit very well when it's on the other foot.

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Snowflake. What's he afraid of? a little acid in the face?

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