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Wait until they get a load of China! lol! Stupid niggers.

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1) China is most definitely behind it.

2) Jewish media has always turned a blind eye to communism and condemned anyone that takes it on. The progressives sang Mao's praises and condemned any support for the Nationalist Chinese. Conservatives and intellectuals called Mao a commie dictator, but Eleanor Roosevelt and the progressive left called him the people's hero. It was that she witch and her lefty friends that convinced American politicians to force the US military to disarm the Nationalist Chinese. Once completed, Mao slaughtered everyone and the rest is history. Oh, naturally, the progressives in the media pretended like they didn't know...yeah right...they fuckin knew.

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Thanks for sharing

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Do you have any information about the 4000 farms that is currently being held by the government, and how were these acquired?

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I don't. Something I'm interested in digging on. Will reply here if I can learn more. Cheers.

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Yeah, I started digging into a little bit, yet the same story appeared on several sites, and really did not get into where the 4200+ farms came from, more so about the competing claims to them, and basic goverment ineptitude.


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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=JwIUQCb3CcE :

[WATCH] DA: Land expropriation would plunge SA into crisis - YouTube

https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=N_NHPeLPIE8 :

The video that the SABC has refused to air - YouTube

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Perhaps I misheard, but werent they only taking farms larger then 25,000 acres?

Thats 40 square miles!

Imagine owning 40 square miles of land. Seems excessive.

Fair and square and all if they purchased it legally, but 40 freaking square miles of land?

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I don't know the limits, but a couple thoughts on that:

  1. It starts with 25K acres ... then it's 2.5K acres ... then it's ... your ability to have an acre to grow some food for your family. Communists and socialists never go for you directly. They are smart enough to go for the 'military weapons' before they go for the 'hunting rifles'.

  2. Not all land is equal. Many of these larger ranches are very dry and not exceedingly productive.

Take for example the concept of "acres per cow" This is the number of acres required to support a cows (+ calf) year around.

  • In very lush / high rainfall acres this might be 1 acre per cow. (Iowa, etc.)
  • Moderately arid, like Texas can be around 7 acres per cow.
  • Very arid, like Nevada can be 150 acres per cow.
  • An extreme case might be Anna Creek Station in Aus which (according to Wikipedia) has roughly 365 acres per cow. (If my quick math is right.)

I've traveled the land in SA, but I haven't studied farming in SA so, I don't know exact details. But, I can tell you: especially in the central of the country, around Jo-berg, SA is high elevation and dry. Frankly, the Boers were the first to figure out how to make that land into productive land. It isn't exactly a garden of Eden.

These farmers are making enough to send their kids to university, but they aren't living like kings.

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Thanks for the write up. +1

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Who the fuck are you to decide how much land is to much?

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Who are you to ask me?