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I'm pretty sure a war is what (((they))) are looking for. The kind where they play both sides and make a huge profit, whilst killing off as many whites as possible.

Don't forget, when the war starts, ignore whatever fabricated enemy they put in front of you and go directly for the kikes.

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Kinda tough to do when every synagogue on the planet is targeted on Saturdays with mass killings.

If kikes want their own fucking country so badly, we should purge all countries on Earth of Jews and force them all back into Israel. At least we know where all the kikes will be located.

The day of mass killings at synagogues around the world is rapidly approaching, and I wholeheartedly support it.

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I love the smell of burning payos in the morning

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Think everybody here needs to either reread catch-22 or read it for the first time... jews will absolutly come out much better off with any world war.. the last chance the world had was germany and america fucked that up.. now europe will become muslim and america will slowly be turned into what any melting pot eventualy turns into a brown or grey bowl of slop..

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Not this time.

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Who's alt are you?

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Remember, one group of white Europeans had enough and almost took over the world. The only thing that stopped them was other white people. Who is going to stop the next time when it is all of the white population that has had enough?

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Ummm...the LEFT is best exemplified by a childless she-cow, not a child.

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NO. A venomous snake in the grass is more accurate.

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if I am pushed into killing American leftist I will do it on a scale that will Have Stalin and Pol Pot stand up and applaud in hell.

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When the time is right, you won't have to probably. Intelligence has brought us here, it will move us THROUGH these cycles of caveman revolt. My only worry is not, THIS TIME (recurs), completely annihalating the root of this sort of opposition.

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They LOVE to kick a dangerous, though docile animal, and then scream VICTIM (lawsuit?) when it bites their arm off. What they don't get is the biting won't stop, once started, and they are USELESS (without skills) as an effective defense/fighting force. PLUS I imagine they think they will somehow melt into the background, even though we KNOW exactly who they ARE! As iif there's nobody WATCHING at all times.

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I have the guns ready to go. All we need are viable targets.

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When I see pictures of those disgusting, subhuman ANTIFA filth I just pray that one day they can be dealt with in the manner they deserve. Same story with the globalist media.

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Those guys are a waste and not worth the trouble. They would fall apart if 10 of us came after them separately over a few months. We could find them kill them and get away with it even with local police protection. Not saying we need to. They are only a threat to trash cans and show people in the middle how derranged the left is.

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How many times have you gone to a protest? Stand there and yell at them. You need to deal with them like the petulant children that they are. Watch the nanny shows where incompetent parents have let their kids become little monsters. They refuse to listen, and throw tantrums when you try to punish them. The moronic parents give up after an hour and the kid wins, reinforcing their bad behavior. When the nanny enforces the punishment over the course of a few hours the kids are broken and change. Antifa need to be challenged with strong persistent opposition.

You also need to press charges and follow up, making sure that the violent ones pay for their crimes. Advertise their crimes, and advertise the punishments.

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Thats actualy a big problem i cant imagine any world war 3 scenerio where the true evil fucks causing the real problems will be any where that you could get to them.. and even if you did the media would crucify you and you would be remembered as one of the most evil people on the planet..

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Violence won't win you anything, it will only push moderates to the other side. The problem is that too many conservatives cower in silence. If the right was more vocal the left would not be able to attack people individually.

Go buy a burger at in and out. Go support the businesses that get attacked by lefties. Post "it's ok to be white" fliers everywhere. Call in to radio shows and make conservative arguments. Denounce the lefties for their terrorist strategies. Go to the protests and stand opposed to antifa. Go to Republican rallies.

These can all be done by you right now.

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It hasn't even been 24hrs repost nigger

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