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fucking knew it, this is what happens when all the liberals flee from ca to texas the keep voting blue, they are to stupid to realize thats why they had to flee ca in the first place.

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Well, Texas used to be blue, and it has been turning purple for a long time now. When you have (3) of the top ten largest cities in one state, it's bound to happen. During the 2016 election there was a lot of talk in the area about it. They were very disappointed it wasn't nearly as purple as they expected.

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They're like locusts sucking the life out of one state and moving on to another. If I was a Texan I'd be rip shit. From my position my state already sucked to begin with so I have hope to move somewhere in the free United States.

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im pretty sure this is intentional at this point

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Houston had a dike and a nig nog for mayor.

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Cruz is not even American. He is a goldman sachs/Israel stooge/puppet. Surely Texas can find someone who is not a traitor without resorting to communist democrats?

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If Ted Cruz loses the Republican Party is officially dead(at least at the national level). It might sound like an extreme and reductionist statement, but who else will pick up the flag, Rand Paul? Let's hope Trump is not a one shot deal. They will probably send Mexicans across the border to illegally vote for Beto as Senator.

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lol i guess he's worried about texans "voting their conscience". fucking weasle