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at least she's dropping that absurd pretense that's it's not racism because she's black.

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Most underrated comment on the thread

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She doesn’t look black, she looks like a subsaharan cannibal...

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Wait a minute, now that one black person (who obviously always speaks for the whole group) said its possible to be racist against whites, is it cannon now with the left?

It should be I mean anything else would be talking back to a person that is darker than you.

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somebody tell this cunt theres planes leaving for Africa every day

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She couldn't find the one going to Wakanda.

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They really did though, didn't they. They actually had to make up a black civilization because a real one just doesn't exist.

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It's called Liberia.

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Wakandians wouldn't want her, even there she would be useless.

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Fuckin A

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She's a nigger.

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Not an hour of de-nogged TV for anyone

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This is why i read.

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I've seen hundreds of these now and I can tell you that they haven't offended me at all. You cant offend a white person with racism, there is nothing to feel unconfident about. Only non-whites are affected by racism, because they were born non-white

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It's good for waking up normies though.

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Nothing triggers harder than when you laugh genuinely to being called a cracker.

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It's like how when leftists tell people on the right they're going to attack us. You can't make a real threat unless you have the power to back it up with force. Right wingers own guns and know how to use them, so when we say we're going to kill someone, it's a real threat. When a leftist says they're going to kill someone, it's a funny joke.

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Good the feeling is mutual primate sheb00n

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That says nothing about Fox News. She works on a Fox network comedy show called REL which is aimed at black audiences. Doesn’t excuse her racism, but it is different than working at a cable news network.

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My mistake on the news part. Either way, she works at FOX, and FOX is kike trash.

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So who do we reeeee at to get her out of a job and back on Skid Row where she belongs?

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All we can do is make sure she knows how much of a nigger she is when she leaves.

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All MSM is leftist trash.

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