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Imagine how the experience at the DMV would change if this same principal was applied there.

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I tell you what MI tax collections division are Johnny on the Spot

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"They steal my prosperity so seemlessly in Michigan! I love being raped also."

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One of those things that sounds great in theory, but I'm willing to bet it makes things worse. What does "performance" mean exactly for a federal employee? The most willing to run errands for their boss on the taxpayers' dime? The employee who doesn't question inefficiency in their office?

One of the reasons a lot of government jobs have automatic raises and limited pay steps is to PREVENT corruption and cronyism. You can't award raises to the yes men and punish whistleblowers by withholding raises when they're automatic. You can't deny raises to the new guy outperforming you to encourage him to quit when they're automatic.

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Has that system prevented corruption and cronyism?

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Last year, Trump mandated Federal employees spend 75% of their time on agency work.

Does your employer let you fuck around for 1/4 of the day?

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In creative roles often that's the best approach.

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Depending on seniority our company goes as low as about 60%.

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Democrats, and some Republicans, blasted the move.

Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) Residence: McClean, VA

So the one (R) they quoted is the one who represents primarily gov't workers. Hmmmmm.....

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Make the rest of the government run like the post office. The only public sector that actually faces competition has created the most efficient government agency.

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Looks like the DMV needs to face some competition.

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He could have fired half of them and no one would even notice

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Raises should be tied to performance...and it should be a fucking lot easier to fire these people.

[–] lanre 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

Honestly it's not that hard. That's an excuse given by lazy managers. The problem is that there's a total lack of accountability, so improving your division by spending additional time mentoring, firing, etc. just eats up your time for basically nothing.

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These were not raises, but cost of living increases to match inflation.

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That's called a raise, retard.

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Yes they were. It was both annual raises and COLA raises.

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https://archive.fo/bU9Ex :

Trump nixes federal pay raise | TheHill

'Last year, the Trump administration approved a 1.4 percent increase in federal pay and a 2.4 percent increase in military pay. '

'Members of the military, on the other hand, are on schedule to receive a 2.6 percent pay increase. ', "Trump's 2019 budget proposal sought to freeze federal pay, but the Senate Appropriations Committee included a 1.9 percent pay bump in its spending plans for 2019."

'Trump has not indicated if he would veto such a measure if it included a pay increase. '

'Without such intervention, the move would affect most of the 2.1 million federal employees around the nation, about 1.7 million of which live in areas outside of the Washington, D.C. metro area. '

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It would be great if we could peel back some of those affirmative action quotas too. I'm a woman, but I am not a lesbian, jewish, black woman who can list at least three dramatic events that have victimized me in my short life...so I never get past the first round of the application process (when I click "white" in the demo box)...despite having a Masters of Public Policy and 10 years of experience.

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