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Yeah, look how negatively this impacted Chick-fil-a....

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In-N-Out is a family owned restaurant chain that prints a bible verse on the bottom of their cups.

Most of their customers aren't going to be shocked, or even care about this news. They pay for a hamburger, and get a hamburger in return.

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That was the original owners, before they died in a plane crash. The granddaughter that runs thing, she wants nothing to disturb the money making machine. If this affects sales, she'll change, if not she'll go about things like it never happened.


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Name spelled Lynsi.
Married 4 times.
Looks like she's a decade older than she is.
Former executives say she's a partying degenerate.

Yeah, she'll fuck it up.

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Chicken burger, you fat fuck

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I couldn't tell, the line is still around the block. Boycott harder, faggots, this line is too long!!

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The line is around the block because In-N-Out is the only edible fast food out there besides, coincidentally, Chick-fil-A.

Imagine that.

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Come on, goats! Get in line!

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Notice that innout and Chick-fil-A have way higher than industry wages, they run them like conservatives

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And they're two of my favorite places to eat as well. Great food, great service, and a decent price. Employees having slightly higher pay and a decent work environment is just icing on the cake.

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Let them all go eat at starbucks

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No that's my house.

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Sorry, I was just using your toilet.

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https://archive.fo/giQ4H :

California Democrats Outraged As In-N-Out Burger Donates To GOP | Fortune

'Cult fast food chain In-N-Out Burger is getting served after it was revealed the restaurant chain donated $25,000 to the California Republican Party. '

'Like cult chain Chick-fil-A, In-N-Out doesn’t make its founders’ Christian values a secret, per se. '

'According to campaign finance filings, In-N-Out Burger also donated $30,000 last year and $50,000 this year to Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy, a political action committee that supports business-friendly Democratic candidates. '

' Founded in 1948 and still family-owned, In-N-Out only operates in six western states—Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Utah—but has Colorado in its sights. '

'While the simple menu offers only burgers, fries and shakes, the chain’s secret menu is legendary. '

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They can have Taco Bell. In-N-Out, Chick Fil A and Chipolte are now all right wing

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Chipotle too?! Damn, all my favorite places turn out to be right wing.

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If they treat their employee's with respect and a good wage it's very likely they are right wing.

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In other news, California EBT expenses make an unexpected drop. Officials investigating why?

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I got a bonus trigger with my shitty joke.

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