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Patriots worked to get Trump elected but that is not the only thing Patriots need to do to fix the country.

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Trump is bending over backwards for the zionists. How can people say Trump is against the establishment when he's literally choking on netanyahu's cock?

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shady account with shady propaganda

you dumb cunts

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Netanyahu is so far down Trumps throat he has to make statements on twitter so no one hears him gagging.

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I refuse to believe that this is nothing other than election year posturing until I see dozens of Federal crooks in shackles. Hillary doing the perp walk would be a start.

Swamp is still brimming and bubbling.

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Would we even be discussing FISA abuse under a normal president? TPP, NAFTA, Iran scam, Paris scam, TTIP - we would be in all of these agreements right now under a normal president. Yeah he hasn't hung Obama from a tree at the white house yet, but honestly would anyone normal accept that?

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Key word is"Talking". That's all we are doing domestically. Those other "deals" were to reshuffle the deck in favor of sitting Prez. He has different goals than Obama and needed to collect the requisite payment via AF-1 for his time.

How many years are we into Trump's term? Nearly 2. How many FISA judges are being tried for treason?

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The Swamp is an ocean, not a bathtub.

The terror suspects being released by an Obama judge in New Mexico is a perfect example of the depth of corruption that has festered on OUR WATCH for the last 50 years.

Stop being a cynical spectator.

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How does one go about draining an ocean? One drip at a time.

The only charges being filed are against POTUS. Oh, but just wait a little more...maybe next year. If the task is too monumental for one man, he can call on the citizenry for help. I have a big roll of rope.

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So how many in any of these groups have actually been arrested and charged with a crime? Maybe some low-tier pedos.

Unless you actually see action, it's all just lip service from a politician.

Also, he can't even get a wall built apparently. If he was a president of change, there would have been an assassination attempted by the deep state by now. Since there hasn't been, you can surmise that at the very least, if he isn't working for the deep state, the deep state does not see him as a serious threat.

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This is an old kek dot gg post until kek went offline, save and upload https://files.catbox.moe/q3uw89.jpg Just as Trump is today JFK prez was also accused often of being controlled by the Russians accused of Treason by the criminal deep state media

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The Russia BS came because they needed a source for the email leaks that WASN'T Seth Rich to divert attention away from his obvious murder. The Russia shit started well before Trump was elected and was not originally tied to him. Equating Trump to JFK because the Dems are unimaginative is... odd.

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When you hear a politician yelling change at the voters and the media reinforcing it, there will be no change. Precisely of what you said, the establishment does not want any change other than stealing more taxpayer money.

The establishment will try its hardest to get rid of anyone who is a threat.

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Real change was Ron Paul who was thrown under the bus and targeted heavily by the msm and shills on the internet.

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Absolutely. Washington hates change.

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nobody is more targeted by the MSM than Trump, CIA GLOW BOY

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Ron Paul was loved on the internet.

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 (((You have reached your hourly comment quota. Your current quota is 10 comment((($))) per hour.

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I had a nice long talk with my neighbor where I mentioned the same exact thing. She is black and democrat... I'm sensing a new Trump voter.

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Niggers vote for their tribe. Even niggers that identify as conservative or republicans overwhelmingly vote democrat.


That's like a communist voting for a National Socialist party because all of his tribesmen are doing it.

Furthermore, niggers also lie. More than any other race, with the exception of kikes. They have absolutely no shame and will feel no moral duty to tell the truth. Their thinking is akin more to that of children than that of adults. They will tell you what you want to hear.

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Bill "The Dope From Hope" Clinton ran on a platform of "change" in 1992. Barack "Hopey-Changey" 0bama similarly ran with that particular slogan.

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Think about politics from a power politics stance. We can recognize powerful groups that leaders need on their side to be elected. In power politics there is but one thing that matters, money. One must buy loyalty or not become a leader. Trump is the first president in a long time that has not had a number of these established powers on his side, because he didn't buy their loyalty. In particular the press is one of these powers and he managed to completely avoid spending money on them. This makes them hate him, he denied them the power to pick the president. They were removed from power.

The groups you listed are all powers that help someone become a leader in the federal government. Trump leveraged other groups to make him president by using his personal funds, business connections and independent media presence. These include groups like the US military, ordinary working people and businessmen.

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Power is a good way to look at this. Healthcare is so expensive and uneven because of Big Pharma/Insur/Hosp-Nursehome chains. Foreign military policy the same, defense contractors that sell/we give, to "allies" that end up killing our own soldiers. As long as it costs 10s of $M to get elected to Senate, regardless of party, fear little will change through electoral politics. Would take Trump 12 years to get them on his side and undo all the damage of past admins.

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This fucking shill/troll again?! Blocked since my first encounter.

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