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If you actually look at everything he said in context he wasn't referring to his opponent. The media picked up the story to slander him.


It's funny how the left always assumes "black person" when anyone says monkey.

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Came here to say this. The quote was taken completely out of context and had no racial connotation at all.

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For them its always about race all the time. Thats all they have.

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It seems like a 4d chess move. Trump uses the cat and laser technique all the time. "Hey look at me use the word monkey around a black person". The media fell for it. Sorta like when Trump called illegals 'rapist' and then the media said he was talking about all Mexicans.

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“Low IQ Max” same thing

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It's genius really.

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It's funny how the left always assumes "black person" when anyone says monkey.

It's almost like they have a very low opinion of blacks.

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The media still doesn't understand that we don't fall for their B.S. anymore.

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Well if we did the MSM would be equal with us for falling for piss gate.

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Oh my God! He used the word monkey in the same paragraph that refereed to his socialist opponent's doomed policies. Libtards are fucking crazy.

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Dems don't know difference between "monkey" and "porch monkey."

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Now if he said, Let's not nigger this up then I would understand the outrage. Everyone needs to calm down and direct their outrage at truly outrageous shit. Not this out of context quote the media is masterbating to.

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DeSantis is good. You know you are good when the "far-right" of the Republican Party consider you extreme. The unfortunate part is that if the East coast from Cape Canaveral and down to Homestead(skipping Miami) does not vote heavily in favor of DeSantis is we could Gillum winning, especially because DeSantis is a "radical" and of course this is the state that votes for sort of left leaning Republicans like Marco Rubio.

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Black guy is a Bernie socialist. He’s not exactly extreme center himself.

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Bernie is a crypto-extremist. He would cause our economy to collapse in so many ways and the problem with that is that many liberal and blue-collared whites would be fine with that. These guys are unfortunately the future of the Democrat party. They will serve as the land bridge for the more radical bunch, like Omarosa and Kamala Harris.

We are in trouble if these people get into power, because having an Omarosa or Kamala Harris as president would be an inevitable thing. These are the mean Eric Holder types. Bernie is basically socialism with a little Sunshine in your coffee. Those radioactive rays will be angled in such a manner so as to produce an Archimedean Fire Show on even moderate Republicans. They have not quite gotten that memo.

I think at best you can say that Bernie and his future of North America, a fat liberal conspiratorial bum(Michael Moore), a snobby/petty-bourgeoise(undereducated) Starbucks socialite(Ocasio-Cortez), and of course the friendly faced and burgeoning social worker type(Andrew Gillum).

I don't think you want these people to run their country, not exactly because they are super radical, but because they are incapable and would destroy the economy. That is why I find it hard this constituency will be able to take on Trump. Trump is a master at running the economy. Of course, perhaps our population is just that dumb. I would not doubt it.

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Strange they told me that there is no need to mention race ever about anything because its not relevant.

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They never told you that.

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But of course, all I hear how everyone is equal to everyone and that race is a sociall construct and that there are no pros and cons to the different races.

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Going by the ladies...I say the white boy wins..I'd tap that.../sarcasm off

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oh yeah

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Casey Black DeSantis...not too shabby.

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