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Too fucking true.

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This is one of those things that first you laugh and then you feel sad.

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Implying the Holocaust is as real as white genocide in SA...

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These comics are always so well done and insightful. Upvoat!

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The one in the top left panel is not like the others.

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I understand you do not like Jews. And in regards to some Jews, perhaps not all, but some, your right to view them negatively. This being said, please do not deny the holocaust. We can have a simple conversation about why you may not like Jews, but the evidence for the holocaust is overwhelming, and ive personally met dozens of survivors whereby I listened to their stories about the camps. My family was wiped out with only a Grandfather and Uncle living to make a life here in North America. Hate Jews, by all means, let it out, but when you deny history, you lose any footing or credibility you may have. Why do I care? I happen to like White Christians very much and do not like what is happening in society. I am on the side of people who support Freedom above all other things including faith and race. Please stop making it harder for other peoples who want to defend your peoples. Being alone in a small % of angry white men will not make your future any better, or anyone else's. The enemy is Globalists and their manipulated radical leftist hoardes. Nothing excuses criminal behaviors by anyone, even if Jews are over represented, prosecute the criminals. All of them. If you want to hate someone right now, hate Jeff Sessions and the legal system professionals who are refusing to enforce the law.

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I'd respond but your post is just a means to read people's reasons and find another way to counteract them. I'm sure you're taking note of every response just to find a way to push the JQ even further.

No one gives a fuck about the hollow cost anymore. Or Jews

Stop being evil

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More Germans died of hunger during the Holocaust than Jews, so GTFO. If you really care, investigate Auschwitz and you will see it was not possible to gas so many people.

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You can only deny something that happened.