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The jews call him "controlled opposition" because they don't want people out there getting active and in their face. They'd rather have people sitting behind a keyboard and making memes, rather than hitting the streets and talking to people about jewish treachery.

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Look at the visceral reactions by @the_magic_man and @UsedToBeCujoQuarrel. He seems to anger the kikes and theor minions greatly.

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Anyone willing to go out there and put their name and face to the message has strong conviction in this current climate, and should be supported unless they're proven to be hostile entities

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Yup. saw the blog post too. Shoulda saved it.


got it

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Woo, I mean that story really hinges on the Florida bit. But if true, that is quite interesting.

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Thanks for posting that. Funny how people who are normally pretty intelligent forget to always follow the money, especially when it comes to people who are suddenly George Rockwell.

Just the ask basic question "where does he get his money"? He has to eat and sleep somewhere unless he's couch surfing and begging for bread.

Going into the history of Zionism and anti-Semitism: literally the same individual at Brown Brothers Harriman funded both sides, including Blavatsky, whose religion became the religion of individualat

I'm not a fan of the Jews, but you can't let emotion cloud rational thinking.

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Woah, well interesting indeed. It all comes full circle now. I always wondered how he could operate without being harassed and having his home vandalized as is the norm for normal anti-semites and goys who have some traction in society and tell the truth.

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Then why is he being suppressed?

Edit: Don't downvote, answer the fucking question or you look like the very jew trying to suppress him.

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I dont see how. He hits on all the important points. He is out there pissing people off

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It's almost like pissing people off does nothing useful

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Still great to see those signs though.

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he hasnt been streaming much lately, maybe on a break... or got striked out are there more channels hes on? these are the only 2 channels i know of



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I recently turned my brother onto J-Walking. We're going to compete in some future Olympics game and after we make it big and are the talk of the nation, we're going to J-Walk.

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I still like the video where his neighbor dumped trash into his back yard while he was giving a pod cast. It is insane that the only protected group out of all the genocides of WW2 is the Jew, and naming the Jew in this bizarre modern society is illustrated perfectly in that video.

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