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It's amazing that most of these shooters, including this one, were on psychotropic drugs, and it's never or rarely openly discussed in the news.

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Several MSM outlets have already reported they he was taking anti-depressents and anti-pyshcotics.

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wasn't he Jewish? so it makes sense

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On Voat, we got a simliar but different problem. If it doesn't jive with the Hivemind, it will not make page 6. I didn't hear anything about Cohen pleading guilty, until the story became that Trump's approval rating remained unchanged after it.

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Here's a test. Turns out this story is bullshit, gatewaypundit broke it and have since deleted it. Somehow I don't think the real story will get many upvotes.


But repeat all together: voat is not a hivemind circlejerk

EDIT: currently on minus votes, 2 users accuse the OP of being a jew and 1 accusing the shooter of being a jew.

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Maybe I did. You linked the story and not the submission, though.

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That was based on a redditor's account. It's not the same guy. That redditor is still active. Probably should take this down.

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Jew (not white). Anti-trumper. Left wing Terrorist.

This is not (((news))), goyim. No story there.

So I have a Jew acquaintance....sort of a friend, I'll admit, but I never for one minute forget that he's a Jew. Texting with him the other day -hadn't seen him at all in 3 years till recently- of course a lot politically has happened in that time.

This guy would not let go of a very defensive insistence that tribalism was not part of the elite and how anyone can get into the controlling power structure if you have the money. Certain things I like about this Jew, so I want to keep him around, but I don't think it's fruitfull to talk politics with practically any Jew, because they seem genetically dispositioned to demand you smell things through their nostrils. He's probably unnerved because I said the 'Rothschild's fuck children'.

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Why isn't that pig Hogg talking about this?

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OOH. What if he got SCREWED out of a win, because it was rigged (eg controller lag) so that the nigger would win for leftist appearance reasons??? That was the FIRST dude he shot wasn't it? News showed laser sight on the smiling nigger's chest, just before getting shot.

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Bitch Boy was a diehard Trump hater, as his Reddit account shows.

I tried to warn people about pushing this narrative... Apparently that makes me a kike..

..well.. now u/ravenchamps is doing a /ama so maybe you can just go ask him...


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