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The Bantu are a fucking plague. They are the human equivalent of cock roaches, and like the Nazi's who said: "everyone knows what we bring!" Everyone knows what the Bantu bring. You are seeing it play out yet again in the paradise the Dutch immigrants built in SA.

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don't feed the animals

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One time I poked an alligator in the face then it opened its mouth so I started poking its tounge then it swam away. Pussy

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Useful idiots of Jews and Chinese

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you mean the bantu come in a close second to joos at being cockroaches

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At least jews want to see their society do better. Bantu fuck over their own family and are incapable of having a society. But Bantu cant project power. Thats what makes the Israelis worse for humanity. If the world just put the bantu on a reservation and let them do their own thing they would balance themselves out with nature. The Israeli cant help but fuck over whoever will let them in their space. They are fucking vampires.

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Add to this Western Charities flooding Africa with excess grains produced, water purification, and basic medical supplies.

The fucking Niggers wouldn't have been able to breed at this level without Whites literally providing for them.

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Odd thought: what if that is the Jews plan now. They figured out how to harvest niglets for organs and rituals and now wish to remove white influence so they can reap the harvest

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Add to this Western Charities flooding Africa with excess grains produced

Not for much longer. World grain levels are at (((dangerous levels))). Something tells me that a famine is being engineered. Perhaps they are removing the farmers so that they can starve the niggers out and move in and take the minerals for themselves?

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Thanks to all the handouts from whitey. Africa is exploding in population. It might surpass Asia in population the way it's headed. All thanks to white countries. Dumb. Expect more tidal waves of robbers, rapists, murderers invading and destroying 1st world nations.

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This is why all self-respecting whites should give zero to (((charity))) and pay as little (((taxes))) as possible. Nothing good comes of paying tax.

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I think I did hear that the titanic was a jewish plot.

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“For just $1 a week, you can feed this starving child... (and create 10 starving children 25 years from now!)”

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The obvious takeaway is that subsaharan Africans breed like rabbits. But perhaps a more nuanced one is that throughout the entirety of South Africa's "awful horrible" apartheid regime blacks from surrounding countries consistently chose to immigrate in huge numbers there.

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It’s not breeding that did this. These were all African immigrants from the nearby shitholes that invaded SA when it was run by evil whitey because it was the only decent country on the whole continent.

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Thank you. Decent and not an Islamic shithole.

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But one would imagine the local blacks also had like 8 kids a piece, no? So it's both?

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r/K Selection theory - look into it, this is a classic example.

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Reposting something I saw a while back that seems relevant:

r-Selected K-Selected
Cognitive Complexity Simple Complex
Hierarchical No Yes
View on Food/Resources Unlimited Limited/Must Be Managed
Sexuality Promiscuous Monogamous
Sexual Maturity Early In Life Later In Life
Number of Offspring High Low
Investment in Offspring Low High
Territorial No Yes

"Leftists, from a social standpoint, more resemble r-Selected animals in their thinking. They're heard animals. How do herd animals enforce social norms? They go for social shaming and violence intended to cause pain and compliance (mostly nonlethal).

Now look at things from the perspective of the leftist: social shaming/herd instinct has failed, the media can no longer enforce social norms, and in spite of all their wailing and gnashing of teeth, Trump is elected and people are openly mocking their sacred cows. The next step is violence. It's important to note, however, that they aren't hoping to kill people. At least not en masse. They want compliance.

Their opponents, conservatives/the right/Americans/whatever you wish to call them, generally have a very different opinion of violence. Where a liberal thinks violence is a casual thing used to enforce compliance, right-wingers view violence as something that should be used as a last resort, and generally only to lethal effect. They will view the kind of mass-violence the liberals are planning as a lethal engagement and not a social policing action, and they will respond in kind. This is why you see liberals working so hard to disarm middle class white people, despite the fact that they're statistically one of the least dangerous populations. Do you see them demanding fewer Hi-Points in the ghetto? Or do you see them demanding Bob the accountant give up his sporting rifle?

TL;DR - They're planning lots of street violence in the next few years and they don't want you to have guns."

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This is the ultimate race realism/political affiliation red pill. Minorities tend to be liberal because they are r-selected. Whites tend to be conservative because they are k-selected.

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Which is why SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Needs to be in the minds of every American, and you should have at least 2 guns. That both where tragically lost in a boating accident. Or better yet are just home made replicas not intended for sale or use by anyone else.

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Niggers don't breed like rabbits, and white people don't breed like wolves. It's half-baked at best. Offspring numbers make more sense when viewed as the result of mortality rates than resource abundance- Whether there's infinite free food or nothing but mud to eat subsaharans still have a shitload of kids because they're attuned to a high-mortality, pre-industrial level of development.

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Niggers don't breed like rabbits

Niggers do reach sexual maturity 1-3 years earlier than humans and they definitely don't invest in their offspring.

... and white people don't breed like wolves

In what regard? They nurture and bond with their offspring like wolves.

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Don't worry, once the whites are gone it's likely going to drop 920%.

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I'd take Elephants as neighbors instead please, they are smart as fuck and think humans are cute.

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They would never be able to do that wothout foreign aid. America could use that money for our citizens but no lets just send all our money to africa

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