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This is why Trump's pivotal move to ban citizenship to migrants who are on gibs is so vital. Block freeloaders from citizenship, deport muslims after their visa expires. The small % that are not on gibs usually work in tech or something.

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The visa is a courtesy of the US Government. It can be revoked at any time.

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So what happens to the muzzies with greencards? Just keep leeching?

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I find it interesting that getting citizenship for foreign countries used to mean something. Nowadays you can just walk in if your skin colour is right.

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And hate us. Thanks obama

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How the fuck did our countries go from considering Italians "ethnic" to importing literal mud hut savages?

Fucking jews, that's how.

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With Jews, you lose.

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If it ain't white, it ain't right.

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Kikes did do the Titanic. It was an insurance scam, and assassination of the only people who could interfere with the creation of the federal reserve.

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Too fucking true.

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Dearborn and Detroit are full of the goat humping freaks.

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Many of them, especially the Chaldeans, are slimy, scamming fucks. The Armenians are not as slimy, but they're still shady too.

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Why Chaldeans? Aren't they christian?

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I knew this raghead way back when. Came here during the Iran/Iraq unpleasantness in the late 70s/early 80s. Got handed citizenship and a generous resettlement stipend for himself and his family (wife + 4 kids) that lasted for five years. They lived like animals for a few years. He worked round the clock for a paycheck, the wife took care of the kids, and he used the entirety of the stipend to make payments on a loan he used to buy a party store.

Fast forward to the early 90s: Guy's a multimillionaire, and owns several party stores. Every three years, he divorces his current wife, which turns her loose in the interior of the US to do god knows what. He then flies back to Iraq and stays for a year. He gets married again while there, and comes back to the US with his new wife after securing her spousal visa. Within a year, once her citizenship is secured, all her family are eligible for "chain migration" into the US. Out of nowhere, all kinds of new "sons" and "nephews" are working at the party stores. (None of the women are ever seen in public, except for the original wife from way back when, who also still worked at the first party store.)

He's been at it for three solid decades now. I'd be willing to wager that this one raghead is personally responsible for bringing close to 1,000 other ragheads into the country, not to mention all the ones he's made from scratch while he's been here.

I'm sure he had some down time in the early 2000s, what with the wars and such. Probably, Trump's thrown a monkeywrench into his works as of late. It's been a while since I've been back to the town I grew up in, but I bet he's still kicking around a dozen wives and countless sons and nephews and running his scam.

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This is how a lot of the Indians work as well. Many of the ones that own hotels and convenience stores are bringing family over to staff them and keep expanding. I am sure it is the same shit with Chinese restaurants. Though on the Chinese part I remember reading about how they have companies that will do all the planning for you to open a restaurant. Many (all?) of them get food and supplies from the same places, half that shit comes from the freezer. They also have staffing agencies that specialize in sending people over that speak Chinese. That is how to get all of these restaurants in these small towns throughout the country.

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I used to be a chef. In Canada, the fucking lebonese have basically put us all out of business by doing this. It's difficult to compete with a hundred shops that have no standards, or labour costs.

This is why your food tasted better in the 80's.

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That's hilarious, because food tastes better in Canada than it does in the US! Even McDonald's!

Canadian food really tastes good though, all over. Not sure what it is, they take pride in something there compared to the US, England and Australia.

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It's better to be an immigrant nowadays than a US citizen.

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Correct. If you have no self esteem.

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I know TONS in Chicago that fit the bill!!!

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You need to ask, "Why the fuck are they here?" They aren't contributing, they are leeching. Why are they here? It's not for the benefit of the American people.

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This content would be considered "raycis'" on Reddit.

Here's an upvoat.

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Reddit is an absolute cesspool if you try to discuss race, ethnicity or migration

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Reddit is full of fat, "polyamorous" (i.e. I can't get laid so I'll take anything that has a pulse), sketchpad tattooed consumerist losers. The dregs of society. Why bother talking to low-lifes like that?

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Reddit is an absolute cesspool.

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