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You're an idiot.

The only "communist" thing about China is their political party which is a relic of history.

If they are actually communist there would be no business tycoon, entrepreneur, huge middle class urbanite population, sweatshop workers, and starving poor farmers at the same place.

Literally capitalism from every lens you look at. There's probably less "communist" policies in China than in UK and their universal healthcare.

Today China is a sociailly conservative nationalist authoritarian dictatorship. Just like Russia. Get that shit right. Plenty of rich entrepreneurs, plenty of rich doctors, things that don't exist in actual communist countries like North Korea or Venezuela. There are state planned "capitalism" but that's how many other Asian countries operate. Wake up, this is no longer Mao Zedong era.


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You obviously don't know Sun Tzu.

What other socialist college bull shit do you have for me?