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Please for the white race do you’re duty and make sure to mention on any comment section you find them discussing this kike, He’s not white, he’s Jewish! Here is the Jew Tube link to the song.


Then mention he hates Trump. Whites are starting to notice everyone flipping on Trump is his kike buddy lawyers. Even though he has been rolling over for Israel like a trained puppy.

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There's a video showing the last few moments of him playing, and losing I guess, and you see the laser spot on the 'guy' next to him and that's when the shooting starts.

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Either the article is full of shit or they scrubbed his reddit.

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Because reddit, we can assume mass censorship to protect the MSM narrative

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He is "ravenchamps" on 'dreddit'. I saw it via another thread. I can't get that pos 'archive' page crap to render the webpages so I can't post it.

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He literally was a fucking sore looser.

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But why did he just a video game competition? And why would he shoot a black man if he hated so much Trumptards?

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The left is made up entirely of racists. They do not believe blacks are capable of working, so they give them gibs. they believe that they are better than everyone. So when he lost the madden game he shot the place up.

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I agree with this narrative.

Jews like affirmative action when it’s against white men, until they loose a job or a game to a lowly nigger. Look at how they treat niggers in their home country of Israel. Ever see a western kike go over to Israel with all the Goyim propaganda of diversity is our strength? peace and love towards your nigger neighbor? The real Israeli’s swarm them and kick the shit out of them, cover them with spit. The gaurd kikes in uniform have to rescue them, and stop shooting at Palestinians for a few moments. They get treated like christian pastors in the non-tourist sites of Israel.

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Black guy beat him, was being manipulated through bracket because he was more aesthetic, and he lost money on a wager are the 3 theories I've seen.

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Point is that the shooter was a nutjob. Also, black support for Trump has skyrocketed over the past year. MSM wants us all to think everyone, including blacks, are against Trump. Couldn't be more inaccurate, but we all know the MSM has their talking points... ;)