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Fucking why.


You misunderstand China’s purpose in Africa completely.


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I think it's very obvious that China wants resources that Africa has. Japan and Korea are competitors against each other and against China. If it weren't for the treaty Japan has with the US and, they would already be competiting against China even more than they already have. Japan unleashed is the last thing China ever wants. As for Korea, we'll have to see what reunification does. I'm not implying that this will happen in a few years or so. Give it a few decades.

Edit: I would also like to add that the "tribal" mentality still exists within Asia. Whites had this when they were not flooded with (((diversity))) but now, they are unified (the "woke" ones at least) to preserve their race. This does not exist in Asia because there is not a need (yet, maybe). Japan, Korea, and China all hate each other.