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you know, I thought about this last night. Africa has a shit ton of resources... and ground water.

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Yeah, and a place like Japan has hardly any good natural resources on their volcanic islands, and they've turned into one of the biggest economies in the world and one of the most technologically advanced nations. Really makes you think.

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The most important trade good is social trust. Africa will always be doomed, as will any multicultural society.

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good point must be their intelligence and/or culture

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I can't pinpoint exactly where he says it, I think in part 4 but David Irving explained this very situation marking the beginning of WWIII. He said we wouldn't even realize we were at war at first but as soon as South Africa falls to the communists it'll be done, because they basically have the monopoly on platinum. I'll try to find it, but the rest of his speech is worth the watch.


Edit: Found it in part 3 at 22:40.

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Well, that seems significant.

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South Africa has 69% of global reserves, followed by Russia at 16% and Zimbabwe at 7%.

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Thanks goat. Subscribed and watching it now.

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if they didnt keep it destabilized, it "might" have a chance. All the "foreign aid" goes to corruption. More than likey to preserve the resources until they want to exploit them.


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Same thing can be said here in the states. The government is launching paramilitary raids into black neighborhoods everyday. Before the drug war black people were building houses, businesses, and more importantly, political power.

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There is no winning with people like you. If there were no aid the excuse would be that the world keeps all the money out of Africa and that is why it is poor. When there is aid that aid is evil too.

Africa is unstable because Africans are incapable of organizing into functioning groups. All the Africans will steal any public funds at any chance, and none of them have the intelligence to put those funds to good use. That is not the fault of the aid, it is the fault of the Africans.

Edit: Just to be clear, I do think there are some Africans who are intelligent enough, but it is a question of critical mass. You need at least 20% uranium 235 to make a nuclear bomb, anything else and it won't go off. More will make a better bomb, enough will make a functioning bomb, African concentrations make African bombs.

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You're right. Quite a few of us are thinking what you're thinking. Shame the world wont think "wow Africa is the birth of humanity and they are walking on top of large amounts of mineral deposits... and it took another culture to make them aware of this"

To me it's hilarious to see just how pathetic their level of civilization is, when Africa could've been a big power player in the world if they were smart enough to make the land work for them...


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hi @canbot lol faggot

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Someone is pulling the strings, niggers are much too stupid to have cooked this up on their own, Jews pushing China most likely. Diamonds, oil and metals. Yeah, its the jews………

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0.00% chance is the the Africans doing this on their own. The Jews and/or Chinese are the masterminds behind this no doubt.

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Chinese are just rice jews anyway.

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Too stupid to say “you have, I want, gibsmedat?”

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Niggers always have their hand out, look at the US. If whitey has it niggers want it. When you have low intelligence, poor impulse control and are basically an animal you always revert to doing things the easiest way possible, usually stealing it.

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If you're talking about the blacks in the South African government SUDDENLY announcing that they'll steal white farms (now of all times)....then yes, you're right.

A non-black external group is pulling the strings.

The African black Bantus are being "advised" on this policy by an external globalist group that is NOT black. I'll let someone else make some guesses as to whom that NON-BLACK external group really is.

Note: The black Bantus are too dumb to do this on their own, without help.

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People here are blaming the Chinese but (((who))) do you think introduced the Chinese to communism.

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(((They))) are competing with China because China knows they're next.

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Not competing China is (((their))) tool for implementing international communism.

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China is wanting to take over Africa. They just need the whites gone...sort of like the United States, eh?

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China are the jews of Asia.

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Can the blacks run deep mines without white managers and engineers? See other African countries for information.

The Chinese can run mines but I suspect only when both workers and managers are Chinese.

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Recently, there has been a massive diplomatic push by the Chinese to mine these resources.

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I believe that. It is what happens after the Chinese take over. Do the blacks become mining slaves or will they be ethnically cleansed?

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They will gas themselves in the mines.

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All I have to say is Blood Diamonds. Thank you ANC for shifting the narrative on this whole phenomenon in a completely new direction.

Change that we can now believe in(Blood Diamonds will not be remembered as a Black South African thing and instead of just putting colored people to hard labor as colonial powers did it will involve genocide).

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Nobody in this thread has mentioned the (((Oppenheimer Family))), a group of South African Jews that own the mines. And here I thought Voat was redpilled enough that I wouldn't have to do it. Come on guys.

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Yeah, they were the people that took over DeBeers and were considered the heirs of British Empires corporate monopoly core. Its Anglo-Hebraism at its finest. It has infiltrated America on a scale the British could never have dreamed about.

The British were more straight laced and not as utopian which is sort of part of the reason and the British did tend to be more racially oriented than Americans on average too. The problem with the Brits is they considered the "forward-minded" Jews preferable to the "backwards minded" Jews but they directly played into Jewish tribalism and their tendency to resent white people and see them as strange creatures and only capable of being placated through going to war, crass consumerism, and corporate monopolies.

We now see the consequences of this policy in South Africa. Its why most people are silent about it; they just see Boers as rejects and "backwards" who have nothing to do with white civilization, sort of like how they see as ethnic minorities and Christians in the Middle-East as aliens to the region and not worth protecting.

Also, I thought I would say that many Jews were anti-Apartheid and led the charge against Apartheid(there were a few who were not, but many were lead anti-Apartheid figures).

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That shouldn't come as too much of an shock as its pretty obviouse that whoever is pulling the strings, is interested in the resources and if a few farms (no matter the soil quality) can serve as proxy for the usefull idiots of whom most won't do shit with what they get anyway, its a small price to pay.

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Wont matter. Africa has trillions in natural resources and they haven't developed them successfullu without white mans help... but china knows this and is trying to steal all of it.

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China will need cheap raw materials, which africa provides, and africa will need cheap industrial products which China provides.

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"Precious metals cost more than food, let's eliminate the food so we can get precious metals!"

This might end up being the most easily-avoidable famine in history.

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We need to get organized to prevent our tax dollars from paying to clean it up. We also need to red pill people to stop giving to aid organizations.

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