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He will go out a Martyr, the msm will have to try really hard or false flag something to cover that up.

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Not really. "White man shoots black police, police shoot back". They won't mention who started it.

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Livestream everything.

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Show the world what's happening live. But where? Everywhere would cut the fucking feed.

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Record to cloud storage and trust someone who will survive (off of the farmland) to get it to a Voat-esque community.

He has a very easy dying wish, I'm sure someone in his network will pull through. I just don't know if South African Cellular Signal will...

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They have jammers, they'll also cut his internet and phone service if he has any.

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He waived his rights when he voted the niggers in.

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Soap box, Ballot box, Jury Box, Ammo box.

Since they're white, their soap box failed.
Since they're a minority, their ballot box failed.
Since they're white and minority, their jury box failed.
Since the other options failed, they must use their ammo box.

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good goyim thinking your vote mattered.

Did europeans vote to have thrid world savages invade their countries fuck no.

if you believe voting will actually change anything then the kikes already got you be the balls.

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I what makes you think he voted for the niggers, let alone voting doing anything against the foreign Bantu swarm

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https://archive.fo/JC6Uw :

Man set to be 1st to have farm seized in South Africa calls it theft | Daily Mail Online

"Mr Steenkamp said that if the land claims court rules that he must accept a fraction of the value of the land then they are 'up for a fight'.", "He said:'I am not going to leave the country and I am not going to leave my farm.", "The South African governments' Department of Rural Development and Land Reform has denied the validity of the list."

'Not everyone has had the determination of Mr Steenkamp, and many farmers are now desperately trying to sell their properties. ', "The owner of the first South African farm lined up to have his land seized without payment or fair compensation blasted the government today saying: 'Whichever way they dress it up it is theft'."

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many farmers are now desperately trying to sell their properties

I wonder (((who))) is buying. Certainty not broke ass niggers or other boer.

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No one is buying actually. This has been in the news. Anyone with the money to buy has no trust in the government. The government itself doesn’t have the money to pay a fair price. So in the end, the government is going to steal the land and anyone owning will lose their investment.

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This guy not only knows how to hunt, but also has the firearms needed to drop large game animals at distance.

Let us hope that other White land owners show up to assist him in this time of need.

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We could make a gofundme to hire some mercenaries to help them.

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Or some of the poor whites already forced into the slums show up. "Will shoot nogs for food."

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He claims he bought uninhabited and unused land 20 years ago, but a tribe claims land is theirs

I don't know how South African "law" works, but wasn't there some kind of land deed search performed when property changes hands to make sure that the land really belonged to the seller free and clear? Isn't title insurance possibly part of the process as well to protect a buyer against future claims on land he purchases? When did this tribe decide they owned his land? South Africa was probably a first-world nation back at that point: didn't they have something like this in place?

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They did. SA actually retroactively went back to 1910 and offered anyone with a conceivable claim to land a choice of the land or its FMV. Anyone claiming that "farmers stole muy land" is a racist ANZ thug who just wants to rob the boers.

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and what will blacks do with the land? Nothing

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Nah, they will bring in outside expertise (white or chinese) to dig up the coal for them and sell it, giving them free money to buy fancy shoes with. Then when the coal runs out they will starve.

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Call the ground racists since.. no crops are growing ..

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remember that one to use next year when theyre starving

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I know how Red Dead ends. This will be worse. I pray I'm wrong.

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