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What a fucking piece of shit Brennan is.

Yeah, we're almost at war on our own soil again, that's true Brennan, you motherfucking faggot. Because traitors like you have tried to undermine his presidency and tried numerous coups so far in a short 2 year period.

Guys like Brennan are the "generals" of the Deep State, which is at war with our president and our country.

Guys like Brennan need a 5.56 round deposited right between their eyes. If he keeps shooting his mouth off like a fucking traitor, I would venture to guess it'll eventually happen.

They are pushing for this Civil War, but I don't think they realize just how absolutely fucked they are. Especially the anti-Trump celebrities. They'll be shot and killed on-site in any civil war, and their heads chopped off and paraded around as a warning to other traitors.

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Well it is the third worst since 2000

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I wonder if his opinion of the worst periods ever, will change when he's in prison getting pounded up the ass by a guy named Bubba?

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This azzclown should move to Riyadh.