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Blaming all immigrants is wrong, but blaming all men is perfectly fine.

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Again with you spamming that useless uncensoredmath site?

Why are you so consistently retarded?

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damn the comments are woke af

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Its almost as if the goyim know

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When are women going to create something? They seem to think men are the problem yet all they’re capable of doing in squeezing into something dudes made.

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They used to create men that solved problems. Now they create boys that create problems and etc it's going to be a fun downward spiral unless some generation of kids all find Jesus.

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ill bet you get laid alot.

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i bet u no get good pee pee touch

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Mollie tweeted "I hate white people" so no loss anyway. Another self-hating white fucktard.

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So try and start an "immagrants have problematic toxic masculinity" meme. Get sneaky. It's basically essentially true anyway.

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These people are sick fucks and need to be strait up hung. Don't forget the FBI and NSA who keep tabs on us daily.

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You can unite with sjw, feminists e.t.c. if you want, I'd rather we execute the traitors like the good old days.

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LOL get ready for that blue wave guys!! Blaming it on their imaginary buzzwords is totally going to draw moderates to their side

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