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This is probably the worst pic to use for this.

You are equating an Aryan hero protecting an Aryan woman with his own life to the plebbit mods preventing what few whites are left at plebbit from knowing whats actually going on.

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The pic couldn't get any more cringy.

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Who gives a fuck about Reddit?

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One of the biggest propaganda machines of social media. Never stop criticizing the enemy.

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Fair point.

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Do you have an unaltered version of this picture?

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many left after San Bernadino and Flordia, the next rid pill for them was Don-land ban ....it goes way back before Huffman or that criminal Mudshark Pao, when Aaron Swartz died it became another reddit. now it is a shithole run by pakis jews faggot leftist open borders commie, and negroids and islamist apologists

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Niggers need a place to be sequestered. You can't seriously think that we should simply exterminate them. Let's pull a global version on Australia. ALL niggers and nigger lovers MUST live on the African continent.

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you’re here to enforce zionism

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That's weird, since I don't even know what that means.

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Why cant you seriously think about genocide? Thats what they're doing to boers, whats the point in putting them in africa? They'll just continue to explode population wise if we keep sending aid in or starve if we don't. Theres no happy ending, sending them to africa won't help really, it'd just be a waste of a continent.

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wed be in danger of falling for the "equality" meme again sometime in the future if we eliminate the greatest proof that "equality" is a lie.

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I'm thinking we cut them off....prison continent for their own good. Let them evolve, or devolve on their own. They have plenty of natural resources to manage, exploit, or not as they see fit in Africa. Who knows what will happen? Besides God says not to murder people if you can avoid it (eg enemy won't go away). I prefer western civilization WITHOUT niggers and nigger lovers (also gone to Africa). But who's to say what will ultimately prevail on Earth? Tough, violent, stupid niggers...or civilized, peaceful, intelligent krakuz (isn't that their term for us?). We have our OWN formidible challenges to face, we should NOT be wasting resources on dumb animals (lipstick on a pig) for little to NO return on investment.

I'm pretty sure if we do not solve this problem we are ALL going to go down the tubes. The parasites (and their enablers) HAVE to GO!

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oh well, hopefully they will listen Latest entertainment news in nigeria

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Should be in v/funny

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people get all freaking mad when you even bring it up, you are either a racist or spreading hate. Even if you care for the black people who will starve later, as always happens in the 999 other times a countries did this.

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Reddit is a piece of liberal endorsing shit, of course they'll ignore the obvious. As far as advocates of freedom of speech goes they're fuckin gulag commissars.

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