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Since the Rothschilds are trying to commit genocide against the Boers. And who owns the Fed?

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Time to end niggers.

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A kike with no niggers is like a nigger with no arms or legs. It can't hurt you.

Let the Jews live to see their weapons torn from them like wings off a fly.

Gas the groids.

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Time to end niggers.

Niggers would be harmless farm animals without leftists.

Time to end leftism.

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The way to do that with cryptocurrencies but Jews and Christian Cucks will claim it's not somehow. Don't talk about the exchanges Jews...that's not crypto and not how you move it.

Cryptocurrencies are just decentralized money secured with cryptography--same kind of thing that keeps your login to your bank safe. Only the best are fixed in units so the jews can't keep printing more to buy up all the whites stuff.